Batman: Arkham Knight Guide: Find All Riddler Trophies on Founders Island

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Slowly but surely, it seems as though Batman: Arkham Knight is getting back on track. Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive was forced to pull the highly-anticipated title from PC store shelves, just one day after the game’s release. The port, which was not handled by primary developer Rocksteady Studios, launched with a wide array of problems, with pre-order and early purchasers revealing issues with a sluggish frame rate and slowdown alongside game-breaking bugs and audio glitches.

Now, however, it looks like steps are being made to bring the Batman: Arkham Knight PC port up to speed with console versions, which have only suffered minor setbacks such a problem with the PS4 leaderboards. Rocksteady is apparently taking an active role in developing patches for the port, with plenty more fixes along the way. Hopefully, PC gamers will soon be provided with a level of quality fitting of the Arkham series.

Before long, then, PC players who have stayed away from the title will be able to head out to explore the world of Gotham free from the constraints of the game’s awkward launch issues. There is plenty of story to catch up on – as well as a wide number of collectibles. Thankfully, NukemDukem is on hand to help any players fruitlessly searching for Riddler Trophies. The YouTuber is back once more, this time to assist gamers hunting for riddles on Founders Island – with a how-to video embedded above.

Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile

NukemDukem has already given in-depth walkthroughs for a number of other areas in the game, including Miagani Island and the now-abandoned Panessa Studios. As with all the other Riddler Trophies to collect, players must be advised to complete the game’s story before attempting 100% on Riddles, Trophies and Breakables. Founders Island comes with an extra warning, however, as gamers should also complete the Perfect Crime side-quest, as completion of the quest opens up the final Trophy and Riddle in the area.

Once more, the Batmobile is integral to reaching every Riddler Trophy in the area, with The Dark Knight’s vehicle of choice necessary for destroying objects and pulling open hidden areas. The Voice Synthesizer is also integral, whilst players need to train up on their glide ability to reach some of the trophies hidden in the walls of the island itself.

Although Batman: Arkham Knight’s poor launch performance will no doubt be an infamous black spot against the title, many players – particularly those on consoles – have been able to find enjoyment in the game. The title already has players discussing the game’s ending and story content, such as the identity of the mysterious Arkham Knight himself. Meanwhile, PC players have been able to find solace in a mod that allows players to explore Gotham as Catwoman and Nightwing. Perhaps the future will be bright for the title.

Batman: Arkham Knight is out now for Xbox One and PS4. It will not be made available for PC until issues with the port have been solved.

Source: NukemDukem