'Batman: Arkham Knight' Runs at 1080p on PS4

Batman Arkham Knight 1080p PS4

During the later life of the PS3 and Xbox 360, resolution was all the rage. Nearly every game developer dedicated at least one interview, sometimes more, to explaining how a particular release would run (frame rate and resolution) on each platform. And in most cases the PS3 and Xbox 360 numbers were not the same.

With the jump to next-gen, however, many figured that questions of resolution and frame rate would be a thing of the past, since both the Xbox One and PS4 were touted as capable machines. That isn’t to say the consoles are not, but the fact we still have discussions about resolution and frame rate speaks volumes.

The latest game to put its hat into the resolution ring is Batman: Arkham Knight, which was today confirmed as a 1080p product on PS4. The Xbox One platform, however, was not mentioned, although Warner Bros. has been sought for comment.

Before gamers get up and arms, though, it’s worth mentioning that the 1080p resolution comes courtesy of Batman: Arkham Knight’s PlayStation store listing. Meaning it’s perfectly within the realm of possibility that Arkham Knight also runs at 1080p on Xbox One, but again we don’t have any official confirmation.

Moreover, we have no indication as to what type of frame rate Batman: Arkham Knight might run at. Gameplay trailers for the game have been silky smooth, but that’s typically the case with pre-release promotional footage. Games also improve as time wears on, so while Arkham Knight may have been a little bit hitchy during very early preview events, our E3 2014 experience with the game was impressive on all fronts.

Arkham Knight Game Rating Explain

That impressive quality has come at a price to fans, however, who have watched the game slip from a 2014 release to a 2015 release. Just recently, in fact, Arkham Knight was delayed a few extra weeks to June 23rd for a little extra polishing time.

That time will obviously serve developer Rocksteady Studios well, as they know a lot is riding on their final Arkham game. Delivering a fitting conclusion to the Batman saga is tantamount to anything else, and if they need a little extra time to ensure that quality then we doubt fans mind.

The extra time is also beneficial to fans, as it gives them a few more weeks to scrape together their pennies for the recently announced Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 bundle. Valued at $400, this Limited Edition PS4 console set is looking mighty enticing for potential PS4 buyers, and may even be worth the double dip. Even then, if this 1080p thing holds true for PS4 only, that may be the platform to go after anyway.

Is it important that Batman: Arkham Knight runs at 1080p? Would anything keep you from buying this game?

Batman: Arkham Knight releases June 23, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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