Batman: Arkham Knight Patch Fixes PS4 Leaderboards

By | 1 year ago 

As one of the big releases of 2015 and a game that was twice-delayed, Batman: Arkham Knight couldn’t have possibly built up more anticipation heading into its June launch. However, that anticipation soon turned to disappointment, as a handful of significant problems hampered the PC version of the game.

The console versions of Batman: Arkham Knight, on the other hand, have been fairly problem-free, save for one nagging issue on the PS4. As reported previously, the PS4 version of Batman: Arkham Knight was having trouble populating its online leaderboards and was instead delivering an error message any time gamers tried to check their rankings.

Luckily, a new PS4 patch for Batman: Arkham Knight has gone live that will fix the leaderboard issue. Now (or within the next few hours) players will be able to see how they rank against friends and strangers in the dozens and dozens of challenges available in the game.

Rocksteady Studios’ Sefton Hill confirmed the patch’s release on Twitter saying that once players download the update they should see leaderboard rankings within the next 24 hours:

From Riddler trophies/challenges to the numerous side quests and combat encounters available in the game, Batman: Arkham Knight offers quite the bounty to fans. Obviously, the main focus will be on getting through the main story and finding out the identity of the Arkham Knight, but there’s something truly satisfying about gliding around as Batman and looking for things to do.

To that point, Rocksteady Studios has made the interesting choice of hiding a secret, true ending for Batman: Arkham Knight behind a Riddler trophy wall. So, only those who have collected all 243 of the green question mark icons will know how the full Batman: Arkham Knight story plays out.

Unfortunately for PC gamers, trying to get through Batman: Arkham Knight has been a needlessly challenging task. From frame rate hiccups to all out game crashes, Arkham Knight players on PC have noted numerous problems with the Windows version, to the point that Steam actually had to halt sales of the game and issue refunds.

Have you noticed any other problems with Batman: Arkham Knight that need fixing on console? Do you now see leaderboard entries?

Batman: Arkham Knight is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.