Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Leaderboards Are Broken

By | 1 year ago 

Batman: Arkham Knight was one of the most highly anticipated games of 2015, with hordes of gamers anxious to receive to promised return to form for the Arkham franchise. After the disappointing release of Batman: Arkham Origins, hopes were high for Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady Studios’ follow-up. Initially, the signs were good for Arkham Knight, with reviews even stating that the title may have been the best in Rocksteady’s Batman series.

Unfortunately, underneath the large open world and deep story, some players have discovered that Batman: Arkham Knight has some unfortunate – and serious – problems. The PC version of the title was released with some major bugs, including framerate issues, random crashes, and audio glitches. After Rocksteady’s suggested fixes failed to work, the developer was forced to issue an apology, and has even suspended sales of the PC version of the game, offering refunds to those who had already purchased the title.

With the developer no doubt desperately working to fix the problems with the PC port of the game, the last thing that Batman: Arkham Knight needed was a problem with another version. Unfortunately, it looks as though PS4 owners will also have some launch bugs to contend with. Although console users have managed to avoid the plague of issues that have come with the PC release, many players using Sony’s console have noticed that they have been unable to access the PS4 leaderboards.

Arkham Knight 2

Posts have been popping up across the web from PS4 players querying the broken leaderboards, with users on Reddit and Batman: Arkham Knight’s official forum discussing their inability to access the PS4 leaderboards. The news eventually even followed through onto PlayStation Network Support community pages. Although the leaderboards are not essential for actual gameplay, they are integral to the ‘Gotham’s Greatest’ feature, which showcases a player’s ability as The Batman against their friends.

Although not all players are experiencing the issues, its still another problem that Rocksteady Studios would no doubt rather have avoided. No reason has yet been given for the broken leaderboards, but it’s suspected that the servers are getting overloaded. After all, Mortal Kombat X had similar leaderboard problems at launch. It’s not the only similarity between the two Warner Bros. Interactive-published titles: the latest Mortal Kombat game also suffered from PC bugs upon release.

All in all, it’s been a mixed release for Batman: Arkham Knight. Although Rocksteady is bound to be happy with the critical reaction to the title, the huge array of problems with the PC port has left a bitter taste for many gamers, with a feeling that the game is yet another addition to the list of games rushed to release. The game was predicted by many to take a place amongst the best Batman video games of all time, but it remains to be seen whether this awkward launch will do anything to dampen the game’s long-term reception.

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