‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Video Features 7 Minutes of PS4 Gameplay

By | 1 year ago 

Batman: Arkham Knight is only a month away from its launch, and it seems as though Warner Bros. and Rocksteady are really ramping up on the amount of media for the game. It was earlier today that a new video came out showing the exclusive PS4 content; a couple of days ago there was a video focusing on the main villain; and even before that, there was last week’s trailer that surely reawakened many dreams to become Batman.

People are undoubtedly excited for The Dark Knight’s final fight in Gotham, but it’s hard to wonder if too much of the game is being show off at this point. A month isn’t that long of a wait, and there’s plenty else to do in the meantime. Although, the near-constant release of new trailers could be enough to increase the number of pre-orders.

Anyone out there that’s on the verge of consuming too much Batman: Arkham Knight material should probably step away now, however, because Rockstready has released a brand new gameplay trailer (as seen above) that’s been stuffed with 7 full minutes of gameplay – presumably because there’s a chance people might forget the game is still coming out, or simply because watching the game in action is so thrilling.

Batman Arkham Knight - Batmobile With Passenger Poison Ivy

The events of the latest trailer, ominously titled, “Time To Go To War,” take place right after the Officer Down gameplay trailer from a couple of months ago. This time around, players get to see what Batman does with some newly acquire information, which eventually leads him back to the Batmobile and doing what he does best – aside from the detective work and scaring criminals, anyway. Oh, and any excuse to look at the gorgeous visuals Rocksteady has crafted for this final Arkham adventure isn’t too shabby either.

Rocksteady, over on the Arkham Knight community forums, sums up the trailer quite nicely, while encouraging everyone to watch the entire 7:22 video:

“Following on from the events of Officer Down, Batman is using intel acquired from his interrogation to infiltrate Scarecrow’s safehouse in Gotham and retrieve an old acquaintance from his clutches. As the invasion of Gotham by the Arkham Knight’s forces begins, Batman must take to the Batmobile to tackle the first wave of drone tanks landing in the city. Make sure to stay until the end for a sneak peek inside an iconic Gotham location.”

Batman: Arkham Knight comes to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 23, 2015. Alongside a Season Pass and pre-order costumes, a limited edition bundle and console will also be released at the same time, though we expect the bundle will be comparatively harder to find after a while.