Batman: Arkham Knight PC Version Will Return By End of October

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Batman: Arkham Knight may have proved to be a hit on consoles, but it has been an entirely different matter on PC. The title was released near-broken at launch, suffering from tremendous frame rate problems and a number of game-breaking glitches. The PC port of the game, which was not developed by Rocksteady but instead by a small external team at Iron Galaxy Studios, was in such a poor state that it was promptly pulled from Steam, leaving nothing but an army of negative player reviews and an air or notoriety behind it.

Since then, Rocksteady and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive have been steadily working on improvements to the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. Although many players took up the just-added offer of Steam refunds, resulting in an early case study of how important the feature could be, some chose to stick it out, hoping for a swift resolution to the title’s problems. A patch was released that claimed to solve many of the errors on show, and now it seems that Warner Bros. is satisfied that the game is nearly ready to return to commercial release.

According to a recent update on Batman: Arkham Knight’s Steam community page, community admin Yorick has said that the development team is continuing its work on improving the PC port of the game to an acceptable level. Thankfully, players will not have long to wait until this extra work has been completed. Currently, Rocksteady is aiming to bring the title back to storefronts by the end of October.

Batman Arkham Knight PC Relaunch

Yorick explained in the post that the team at Rocksteady has been building upon the “significant performance improvements” that have been made to the game, with “additional updates” now on the way. “We expect these updates to be ready at the end of October,” stated Yorick, continuing to confirm that “the PC version will be made available to purchase” at that time. Yorick also addressed the PC port’s additional content, confirming that “support for all DLC that was been released for the console versions will be in place.”

That same DLC has been particularly irksome for some PC gamers. Although Warner Bros. has avoided the same kind of criticism that befell its decision to prioritize DLC over fixing problems with Batman: Arkham Origins, the speed at which additional content was made available for Batman: Arkham Knight has proved troubling. Many players have felt that more should have been done to fix such huge problems with the PC port at the expense of the publisher’s DLC plans.

Nonetheless, Batman: Arkham Knight has ploughed ahead with DLC releases, and its October additional content pack is centred on Catwoman. It also turns out that Warner Bros. is already looking beyond the Arkham series, with the publisher confirming that Batman has “endless” possibilities within the video game sphere. Fans of the Caped Crusader will no doubt be hoping that the next Batman game will have a much smoother launch.

Source: Steam