Batman: Arkham Knight PC Getting Interim Patch in August; Won’t Fix All Problems

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To say that PC players of Batman: Arkham Knight have had a rough experience would be putting it mildly. While some have gotten through Rocksteady Studios’ final chapter with little issue, plenty of PC players haven’t been so lucky. In fact, many have been unable to play the game at all.

Although we may never know what happened with Batman: Arkham Knight, the fact of the matter is the PC version is significantly broken. However, it should soon return to a stable, dare we say playable, form sometime next month.

According to Warner Bros. Interactive (the game’s publisher), an “interim” patch for Batman: Arkham Knight on PC is slated to release in August. There is no firm release date or detailed patch notes, but WB previously revealed some of the fixes that will be included. Among them is support for frame rates higher than 30, a fix for the low-resolution texture bug, and a full screen rendering bug that was troubling gaming laptops.

Additionally, this August update will give Batman: Arkham Knight PC players more options in their graphics settings menu, making it so mid-tier gaming rigs can run the game a little better.

Even so, it’s worth pointing out that this upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight PC patch is not billed as the definitive fix. While WB has yet to confirm it, a report surfaced last month that suggested the PC version might not truly be “fixed” until September, which would be nearly three months after the game launched. Needless to say, PC players are not happy with how things are unfolding for such a highly anticipated game.

As an update, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Rocksteady and our partners are targeting an interim patch update for existing players to be released in August. This update will address many of the issues we listed in our June 27 update. We will provide additional details as we finalize that interim patch over the coming weeks.

We would like to thank you for your continued patience and invaluable feedback. We are continuing to monitor and listen for any additional issues and are driving towards a full update for everyone as quickly as we possibly can.

Unfortunately, that’s simply the place that gaming is at right now. Titles, no matter how big or small, can launch with significant bugs, and gamers are forced to endure confusing promises and interim patches in the hopes that the major problems get fixed sooner rather than later.

Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Battle Mode

For a game like Batman: Arkham Knight, the hope was that a series of delays might improve the experience, but one anonymous QA tester claimed the delays were for the console version. Where the PC version of the game was concerned, WB reportedly knew about the problems, but was unwilling to let the game slip past its release date again.

Keep an eye out for more details on this Batman: Arkham Knight PC patch in the coming months.

Do you think this upcoming patch will fix Batman: Arkham Knight’s major PC problems? What issues have you found with the game?

Batman: Arkham Knight is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. We would not recommend buying the PC version.