Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch Leaks, Reportedly Fixes Game

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Batman: Arkham Knight players looking to patrol Gotham on the PC have had an incredibly difficult time doing so. After a high number of PC users reported game-breaking bugs that rendered the game unplayable, developer Rocksteady promised an August Arkham Knight patch that would only partially fix the game. Fans were understandably frustrated at the news, and reports that Arkham Knight publisher Warner Bros. knew about these problems for months only exacerbated the problem.

Despite all these issues and a refund offer from WB, most PC users really just want the chance to play the latest instal;ment in Rocksteady’s critically acclaimed take on the Batman universe. And now it seems the upcoming patch of Arkham Knight might finally give PC gamers that chance.

The cure-all patch for Arkham Knight accidentally released today but only for those who opted into Steam’s beta testing. However, early reports suggest that the patch fixes all of the game’s major problems.

The patch includes a number of new graphics options that make Arkham Knight not just playable, but capable of running on the highest settings without issue. This is especially exciting news since, although WB announced that a patch was likely coming in September, there was no specific release date.

Although this is a big moment for the Batman: Arkham Knight PC gaming community, those looking to download the patch and give the new game settings a spin won’t be able to do so until WB and Rocksteady decide it’s ready. It wasn’t too long after the initial leak that another patch released, effectively removing the updates and causing scattered crash issues for those who had downloaded the leak. Still, despite the missed opportunity, gamers will likely be happy knowing that there is hope on the horizon.

arkham knight batman throwing batarang

PC gamers will have a lot of content to catch up on, too. On top of the admittedly too-short Batgirl DLC that released for Arkham Knight a few months ago, the game’s modding community has been extremely busy providing interesting twists on gameplay. Most notably, modders have let gamers replace Batman with other iconic characters from the series, offering fans the chance to run through Gotham as a crime-fighting Joker or a vigilante Alfred. Rocksteady is still releasing Batman: Arkham Knight DLC at a decent clip, too, so there’s no lack of things to do for completionists.

With the leaked Steam patch, it seems PC users will finally get their chance to play through the final game in Rocksteady’s Batman trilogy. Is it enough to just fix the game? Should gamers be offered something extra for the extreme wait? Let us know in the comments.

Batman: Arkham Knight is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One. Sales of the PC version of the game are still suspended until further notice.

Source: Kotaku (via VG24/7)