Warner Bros and Rocksteady Games reveal November DLC for Batman Arkham Knight featuring new challenge maps, skins, and story pack content for Catwoman and Robin.

Season pass holders can now download additional content for Batman Arkham Knight as Warner Bros and Rocksteady Games reveal new content arriving for the game today. In the November update, players will be getting Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #4, which introduces more predator and combat challenge maps for Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Catwoman and Azrael. Additionally, new Batmobile skins are available, as well as the original Tim Drake Robin costume. New AR Challenges, and a WayneTech inspired race track round out the Batman Arkham Knight DLC package for this month.

For many, the centerpiece of this months downloadable content offering is with two brand new story packs featuring Catwoman and Robin. After being locked up at the hands of the Riddler during the events of the main game, Catwoman is out to get a little revenge in her story pack. Robin on the other hand is going after Two-Face, who is involved in a money laundering scheme after his string of bank robberies din’t go so well for him thanks for Batman’s efforts.

As an added bonus, season pass owners receive early access to the Batman v Superman Batmobile Pack, which adds a Batsuit and Batmobile inspired by the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Non-season pass players can download the pack next week starting on December 1.

While Rocksteady has done a commendable job keeping Batman Arkham Knight fresh with new content since its release earlier this year, fans have expressed disappointment over how short much of the story-centric DLC actually is. This not only includes the majority of the story pack side missions featuring characters like Red Hood, Harley Quinn, and Nightwing, but it even extends to the Batgirl focused expansion which was disappointingly brief. With additional story based DLC on the way, hopefully Rocksteady Studios was able to listen to feedback and deliver a more fulfilling experience for players.

While Batman Arkham Knight has enjoyed critical praise and major success on the console side, the PC version has had nothing but trouble since it launched in June. Many players started experiencing performance related issues, ran into technical bugs and glitches, and some users even had their sessions interrupted by the game crashing back to the desktop. The issue got so bad that Warner Bros removed the game from digital marketplaces like Steam and brought in Rocksteady to fix the issues. The PC version re-launched in October, though from user reports, the major issues have still not bneen fixed, once again prompting Warner Bros to make amends by offering full refunds.

Are you still playing Batman Arkham Knight or have you moved on at this point?

Batman Arkham Knight is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, though you may want to hold off on the PC version.

Source: Batman Arkham YouTube