Batman: Arkham Knight Adding Christian Bale Batsuit This Year

By | 1 year ago 

After Joel Schumacher’s utterly ridiculous Batman Forever and its follow up Batman & Robin turned the Caped Crusader from a brooding, vengeful vigilante into a man in a suit with nipples, many considered Batman to be passé.

But then Christopher Nolan managed to jumpstart the once fledgling stock of the Dark Knight and reintroduce the character to a new generation with the critically acclaimed Batman Begins. Nolan’s Batman Trilogy brought the character back into the public eye and paved the way for Bats to reemerge as a pop culture icon, leading to Rocksteady Studios working on Batman: Arkham Asylum. Now, the Arkham series is paying homage to Nolan’s Dark Knight and is bringing the Christian Bale Batsuit to Batman: Arkham Knight.

As a part of the post-launch DLC being released to support Batman: Arkham Knight, the game recently added the Batman Trilogy’s Tumbler. Serving as Christian Bale’s Batmobile through all three entries in the series, the Tumbler is bulkier, tougher, and more militarized than the traditional Batmobile. A series of drivable courses were released to coincide with the Tumbler’s addition, allowing fans to take the black behemoth out for a spin on two new maps.

But fans were disappointed to find that Batman lacked the proper Nolan duds while driving the vehicle. While previous DLC tied to Tim Burton’s beloved 1989 Batman film featured a matching Batsuit and Batmobile, the Tumbler came with no movie-appropriate Batsuit.

Arkham Knight Tumbler

But after an outpouring of requests for the Bale Batsuit, Arkham Knight lead developer Sefton Hill has taken to Twitter to assure fans that they’ve been heard, stating:

“We’ve had a lot of requests for the batsuit to go with the Tumbler. We hear you so we’re going to make it happen! #BatPeoplePower” 

Taking the announcement a step further, Hill has asked fans which Nolan Batsuit should receive the Arkham Knight treatment, listing the Batman Begins and Dark Knight suit as potential candidates.

As fan votes for the suits pour in, Hill has stressed that the Nolan Batsuit shouldn’t be expected any time soon. Citing the “insane amount” of detail work that goes into constructing a suit, Hill posited that the suit would likely see release towards the end of 2015.

While this announcement is sure to thrill fans of Nolan’s gritty Batman Trilogy, many gamers have been vocal concerning the lackluster DLC that Arkham Knight has received. Upon launch, a Season Pass was offered that promised to add content for six months after the game’s release. However, most of the DLC has primarily consisted of skins for Batman, the Batmobile, and the various playable characters, as well as a handful of challenge maps, and a surprisingly short side story for Batgirl.

Story DLC focusing on Catwoman is set to release next month, but news of the new Nolan Batsuit probably won’t appease fans already upset with the subpar DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight. We will have to wait and see.

Source: Twitter