Batman: Arkham Knight’s Essential Most Wanted Missions Guide

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By now, gamers have perhaps made their way through the main campaign of Batman: Arkham Knight. However, taking care of the biggest threat to Gotham doesn’t mean that the city is completely safe — there’s plenty more to do before the Dark Knight’s adventure can come to a close.

However, as with many open-world games, Batman: Arkham Knight contains a pretty hefty amount of content. Reaching 100% completion might be more than most can stomach, but there are certain optional parts of the game that really should not be missed.

If gamers are pushed for time, but still want to whip through the most essential side content in Arkham Knight, there are certain missions that simply shouldn’t be missed. Follow this guide to make sure you enjoy the best that being the Bat has to offer. Be warned — if you’ve not finished the main campaign, there may be some spoilers ahead!

Riddler Trophies

Batman Arkham Knight Guide- Find All Riddler Trophies in Arkham Knight's HQ

A firm favorite with fans since Arkham Asylum, Riddler Trophies are one of the best elements of Rocksteady’s take on the Batman franchise. In Arkham Knight, the developers have fleshed out the offerings with both challenge races and a set of Riddler missions, but the trophies are still the most essential part of the Dark Knight’s conflict with Edward Nigma.

Unlike much of the other optional content in the game, players can work on their collection of Riddler Trophies as they complete the main story. Puzzles might be hidden away in locations that are part of the story missions too, so we recommend always keeping an eye out for a flash of bright green neon.

These challenges are great because they offer such a different experience to the bulk of the game. It’s perhaps the most intellectually challenging content in Arkham Knight as a whole, even ahead of the enjoyable detective sequences that spring up here and there.

The mix of strong puzzle gameplay and an excellent depiction of the Riddler himself make the character’s trophies a highlight of Arkham Knight. Make sure you don’t miss out on them — but perhaps chip away at them throughout the experience, rather than just trying to plow through them after everything else is done.

Two-Face’s Bank Heists

Arkham City - Two-Face

While the feeling of being Batman is core to the success of the Arkham games, that experience is perhaps at its best when in Predator mode. These sections see the Dark Knight relegated to the shadows, picking off armed foes one by one, using a variety of techniques.

This sort of gameplay is peppered throughout Arkham Knight, but there’s an extra helping of it in the form of a three-part mission to take down Two-Face. The gangster is attempting to carry out heists on some of Gotham’s biggest banks, and it’s up to players to stop that from happening.

To do so, players will have to creep around each building, picking off Two-Face’s cronies as they go. However, it’s important to be quick about it, as the crooks will bolt the second they’ve emptied the vault.

The fun comes with the array of methods you have at your disposal to carry out that task. Between Batman’s Predator abilities and the many methods of using gadgets to pick off enemies — remote hacking the escalators to send goons flying is a personal favorite — there are plenty of ways to keep things fresh.

Mine Disposal

Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Battle Mode

One of the most controversial aspects of Arkham Knight was its heavy use of the Batmobile. While it’s easy to see why some players grew tired of the vehicle, it really shines in combat situations. If players enjoyed the fights more than the stealth sections in the main campaign, they may well enjoy the side missions that task them with defusing mines.

Each mine players come across will prompt a large-scale battle between them and a selection of drones in the surrounding area. If they ahve completed the campaign, players will likely have an array of upgrades to make combat more exciting — and, if they haven’t, it’s a perfect opportunity to grind out some experience to do so.

All this being said, there’s more to this mission tree than just endless fights against drones. There’s a bonus boss fight for any player who can fend off the militia’s efforts to take Gotham hostage, and fans of the DC Universe won’t want to miss out on it.

Creature of the Night

From it’s surprising start right through to the finish, this is perhaps the best piece of side content in Arkham Knight. It may not have any deeper ties to a wider narrative, and in terms of gameplay it’s not the most varied, but it’s a great take on an often-overlooked Batman villain.

Man-Bat was the first foe that the Dark Knight took on in Batman: The Animated Series, and given that show’s influence on the Arkham series, it’s not all surprising to see him show up in the final installment of Rocksteady’s trilogy.

However, rather than simply aping that excellent adaptation of the character, Arkham Knight spins the familiar story on its head. It’s quite a bit darker than that of On Leather Wings, but that’s fitting for the universe that’s been built by Rocksteady Studios over the past several years.

Creature of the Night won’t take too long to complete, but it’s well worth the time spent. Of all the side content packed into Arkham Knight, this is the one that fans of Batman: The Animated Series really won’t want to miss out on.

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