New Batman: Arkham Knight Mod Lets You Play as the Joker

By | 1 year ago 

Ask any Batman fan, and they’ll tell you that while the Joker has unpredictability on his side, the Caped Crusader will always have him matched when it comes to a pure fistfight. Over the course of the Batman: Arkham series, Batman and Joker have butt heads numerous times, but when it came to fisticuffs, Batman always came out on top. Now, thanks to a mod available for the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight, Bat-fans can find out what it’s like when the Clown Prince of Crime goes toe-to-toe with the thugs of Gotham city.

WARNING: spoilers for the story of Batman: Arkham Knight follow.

While the Arkham series has put fans in the Joker’s shoes before, he’s never been playable in the games’ free roaming modes. But enterprising modder Tchi6 has managed to bring Joker into Gotham, albeit with a fighting style that isn’t his own.

Ever since its rocky initial release, modders have been poking around the Batman: Arkham Knight’s code, finding ways to bring ancillary characters such as Alfred and even Batman: Arkham Knight’s director Sefton Hill into the fray. The modders accomplish this by simply wrapping Batman in a new skin, allowing gamers to knock around bad guys as Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler, all while retaining the Dark Knight’s move set.

Joker Mod Arkham Knight

But the Joker doesn’t have the finesse and grace of Batman, so Tchi6 opted instead to make Joker play like the kill happy Red Hood, which is fitting as the Red Hood derives his name from Joker’s first criminal persona. The Red Hood also happens to be Jason Todd, the titular Arkham Knight, who was savagely tortured by the Clown Prince of Crime.

Decked out in the Hawaiian shirt and trucker hat Joker wore when he paid Barbara Gordon that fateful visit, the character makes use of dual pistols to smack, slap, and shoot any and all unlucky enough to cross his path. He also has the Red Hood’s gadgets at his disposal, allowing him to throw smoke bombs and hook thugs with his grappling gun before resuming his shooting spree.

While smoke bombs and grappling guns are a bit outside of Joker’s comfort zone, Red Hood was as close as the modder could get to replicating Mr. J’s fighting style. The Clown Prince of Crime was featured in his own combat challenges in Batman: Arkham City, but this content has not been made available for Arkham Knight, leaving Tchi6 to work with what was available.

While the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight remains riddled with bugs and is still locked from Steam, the steady stream of character mods should keep PC Batman fans occupied until developer Rocksteady can get the game shipshape. Besides, hours of entertainment with the free Joker skin is still better than paying $6 for 1 hour of content, as console fans found themselves doing with the Batgirl DLC. So it could always be worse.