Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Features Justice League Easter Egg

Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Features Justice League Easter Egg - Justice League New 52 Comic Book Panel


Thanks to their excellent work bringing the ultimate Batman experience to video games, many have been anticipating news on Rocksteady's next project. With Batman: Arkham Knight wrapping up the Arkham saga, it creates the possibility that Rocksteady will tackle another superhero next.

Rocksteady themselves have left hints at the possibility that they will help craft a larger DC video game universe, and their work with the Arkham games shows that they are more than capable of pulling such a feat off. Now yet another tease as to the future of DC video games has been made by Rocksteady, this time found within the latest story DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight.

As discovered by YouTuber Dribbiz, there is an easter egg hidden in the Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC. By going through a hidden vent, Batgirl can access a closed off room that houses the infamous Justice League villain, Starro, in an aquarium tank.

Starro is an intergalactic being that can attach itself to people in order to control them, and can also create clones of itself at will. Starro was the first villain to ever battle the Justice League of America in the comic books, and since it exists in the Batman: Arkham universe, it opens the doors to the possibility that the Justice League probably does as well, or will exist in a future game.

Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Features Justice League Easter Egg - Justice League New 52 Comic Book Panel

Even more so than with Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Rocksteady has stuffed Arkham Knight full of easter eggs and nods to a more expansive DC universe. Arkham Knight references Superman especially, with a small Lex Luthor cameo and thugs on the streets chatting about him, among other hints. With Rocksteady having mastered the art of creating a Batman video game, perhaps they're ready to move on to Superman, and then eventually the entire Justice League?

The Superman possibility has been further driven home by a leaked screenshot that seems to suggest that a Superman game, or a game featuring Superman in some capacity, is already in development, by Rocksteady or another studio. This game features an art style and tone quite different than the grim visuals of the Arkham series, so the projects could wind up completely unrelated, or this rumored Superman game could simply be going for a lighter tone.

For those that want to check out Starro for themselves or seek out more potential easter eggs hidden in the new Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC, but don't have the season pass, they will be able to purchase it on Tuesday, July 21st. Unfortunately for PC owners that decided not to refund their copy of Arkham Knight, the Batgirl DLC has been indefinitely delayed on PC until the core game is fixed on that platform.

The Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Source: Dribbiz

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