'Batman: Arkham Knight' Comic Will Reveal Mysterious Villain's Origins

Arkham Knight

Shortly after Rocksteady announced Batman: Arkham Knight, the third and final game in the Arkham series, the developer revealed that the villain in the game will be known as the 'Arkham Knight'. Since that announcement, little has been shared by Rocksteady about the Arkham Knight. In fact, all we really know about the villain is that he wears an armored suit similar to Batman's, and he is working with Scarecrow to destroy the Dark Knight.

Now, as we approach the release date of Batman: Arkham Knight, it looks like Rocksteady will finally unveil the truth of the Arkham Knight. The developer is working alongside DC Comics to release a six-issue comic book mini-series called Batman: Arkham Knight – Genesis. The comic mini-series will explore the Arkham Knight's mysterious past and possibly provide details about why he is out to get Batman. The comic is set to release July 29th.

Interestingly, the comic won't make its debut until after the game has been out for a full month. This  means that although those who play Batman: Arkham Knight will surely take on the Arkham Knight and likely defeat him, they may not learn the nature of the villain's disdain for Batman and the driving force behind his actions until the comic hits shelves.

Batman Arkham Knight Comic

The late release date for the comic could also mean something else; maybe Batman: Arkham Knight will be delayed once again. It wouldn't be much of a surprise considering the game has already been delayed a couple times.

However, delaying Batman: Arkham Knight again would most likely hurt the game's profits, and not just because gamers would be frustrated with the constant delays. This fall already has a tight schedule of highly-anticipated games, and Rocksteady's Batman finale may struggle if it doesn't meet its June 23rd launch date.

We'll be interested to see how the game and comic book tie into each other, and if the comic book will give any clues about potential new DLC storylines and add-ons. We already know the Batman: Arkham Knight Harley Quinn DLC will serve as a prequel to the game's story, and those who preorder the game will have access to the Red Hood story pack. Little else is known about any other potential DLC packs planned for the game.

Do you have a theory about the Arkham Knight's past and why he wants to take down Batman? Share your ideas in the comments.

Batman: Arkham Knight is set to release on June 23, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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