New ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Trailer Features Harley Quinn

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Batman: Arkham Knight has a lot of expectations surrounding it from fans of the prior Arkham games, and it’s coming out during a time period typically dominated by E3 excitement over new, upcoming titles. Even so, Rocksteady Studios has been doing a good job of maintaining a high level of hype over the game, regularly releasing updates and trailers to tantalize gamers.

Today is no exception, as Rocksteady Studios has released the first real look into what gamers who’ve pre-ordered the game can expect from the Harley Quinn DLC content. A trailer revealing her gameplay style, game mechanics, and a peek into her crazed mind is now available for gamers to enjoy.

Harley Quinn’s caper will actually precede the main story of Batman: Arkham Knight, as she attempts to liberate her partner-in-crime, Poison Ivy. The trailer gives a sneak peek into the environments of Blüdhaven, Harley’s arsenal, and the enemies she’ll be facing. Harley is shown mostly facing off against cops and guards, which seem woefully ill-equipped for dealing with her. She dispatches most of them with highly acrobatic melee maneuvers and her striped baseball bat, and clears a room with an explosive jack-in-the-box. The final scene in the trailer also gives the hint that she can reduce certain enemies to fits of insane laughter, rendering them harmless to her.

Harley Quinn Batman Arkham Knight Trailer

She’s also shown using her own variation of the x-ray detective modes that have been present in prior Arkham games. While Batman, Catwoman, and others have used equipment or extrasensory perception to see through walls and even bodies, Harley Quinn’s vision ability appears to be entirely rage or madness-based, and uses no external equipment. Once in effect, it changes the appearance of rooms and enemies, covering the walls in insane scribbles and making enemies look more like three-dimensional drawings than the typical x-ray appearance.

Many gamers have recently felt irritated by the over-abundance of DLC being released by game studios, and having to fork over even more money for season passes to own the complete game. However, one can imagine that the Harley Quinn pre-order bonus DLC probably won’t irritate many fans of the Batman: Arkham series. Unlike many other cash-grab DLC, it appears to be remarkably fleshed out, and considering that it doesn’t cost anything extra to procure it, it’s hard to find reason to complain about the extra content.

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Batman: Arkham Knight is set to release on June 23, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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