Batman: Arkham Knight Hides Terrifying Halloween Surprise

By | 1 year ago 

Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even just a regular Saturday, for Batman, there’s no such thing as a day off. In fact, the Arkham series of games have played into the fact that Batman is active during the Holidays, and used them to sprinkle clever Easter Eggs into an already rich world.

Arkham Asylum, for example, featured an entire secret room, while Batman: Arkham City included scripted events with the holiday-themed serial killer Calendar Man. And although Calendar Man doesn’t make a big appearance in the franchises latest entry, Batman: Arkham Knight, there’s still a treat (or trick) hiding for hardcore fans that play the game on Halloween.

For gamers still working their way through Batman: Arkham Knight, do be aware that spoilers follow.

Batman: Arkham Knight is chock full of Most Wanted side missions that can be tackled as the story progresses, bringing Batman face-to-face with a who’s-who of his vast rogues gallery. One of these side missions leads to Batman encountering the Man-Bat, a.k.a. Kirk Langstrom, a mutated scientist that prowls the streets of Gotham. By following the side mission to its conclusion, Man-Bat is reverted back to his human form and is contained, ensuring that he’ll no longer bother Batman.

Batman Man-Bat Encounter

But that’s not entirely true. Enterprising fans found that by setting theirr console or PC’s internal clock to October 31st, a special event will trigger. While patrolling the city, Man-Bat will randomly pop up when Batman attempts to grapple onto a building’s ledge, taking a swipe at the Caped Crusader before escaping into the night. Batman can then head back to GCPD, where he will find Doctor Langstrom’s containment pod shattered, with a police officer remarking that the pod’s glass wasn’t thick enough to contain the creature. The police officer also remarks that this incident has lead to him rethinking his life choices, telling Batman that he’ll take a break after everything cools down.

Unfortunately, after the break-out and conversation, that’s it. Man-Bat can’t be located after his escape, so Batman is left with a broken containment pod and a creature on the loose, while the player is left with a damp puddle on the seat after encountering Man-Bat’s terrifying jump scare introduction.

It has not yet been determined if Arkham Knight holds any additional holiday themed secrets, but judging from the Arkham franchises affinity for Easter Eggs, there’s certainly the possibility that one of the Dark Knight’s foes will once again pop up to ruin his holiday.