Those planning to jump into the Arkham series with the remasters this July are in luck, as an Arkham Knight GOTY edition might be coming alongside them.

A recent listing on the German Amazon has revealed that Batman: Arkham Knight appears to have a Game of the Year edition coming out this July. The game, which seems to be launching July 28, will be available on Xbox One and PS4.

Assuming that the title is legitimate, Arkham Knight will likely release with all current DLC for the game. This includes the prequel Batgirl expansion, as well as giving the player access to a range of new Batman villains that crop up in and about Gotham. A range of skins for the caped crusader and his batmobile are also likley to be included, including the ones based off the recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

batman goty

If the foreign Amazon listing is correct about the game’s release date then the title is set to launch just 2 days after the Batman: Return to Arkham remaster. Fans that are using the remastered titles to jump in to the best-selling franchise will be free to pick up their copies of the Arkham Knight GOTY edition, alongside Return to Arkham, late next month.

It’s worth pointing out that there has not been any announcement of this Game of the Year edition from Warner Bros. at this point, so the reveal is worth taking with a grain of salt for now. That said, the Return to Arkham game was revealed in a much similar method, with GameStop Italy accidentally listing it early on their online store.

Although Arkham Knight did make our list of the 5 Most Disappointing Games of 2015, this was entirely due to the game’s PC port being near unusable for many gamers. To those on consoles, the title was the explosive conclusion to Rocksteady’s action-packed series that we were all expecting – but that doesn’t make up for the allegations that Warner Bros. knew that the PC port was broken.

The Arkham Knight Game of the Year edition will also give those gamers who got their PC versions refunded the opportunity to give the title another chance, so long as they have a current-gen console. Unfortunately this means that Batman fans will not be able to take advantage of the game’s modding community who have developed mods allowing players to take control of Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred, as well as the clown prince of crime himself, while they strike fear into the hearts of criminals around Gotham City.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Game of the Year Edition will reportedly release July 28 for Xbox One and PS4.