New 'Batman: Arkham Knight' Gameplay Trailers: Infiltrating Ace Chemicals

Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Launch


Rocksteady Studios is putting its much-loved vision of Bruce Wayne back on the streets in Batman: Arkham Knight, the final chapter of their trilogy that started with Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. There's Batman: Arkham Origins as well, but that was by another studio. In this threequel, Batman straps his mighty jaw back into his mask and jumps into the Batmobile to take on a mysterious new villain known only as the Arkham Knight.

Announced earlier this year, Arkham Knight received a lot of hype after the reveal of an impressive gameplay trailer at E3 2014. One of the new features being introduced is the addition of the Batmobile, which is essentially a high-speed tank that can be used to either travel the streets of Gotham City or to take out bad guys - both, if Batman feels like multi-tasking.

A new gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight follows Gotham's hero as he infiltrates ACE Chemicals, a chemical plant where Scarecrow is planning to set off a bomb. The trailer demonstrates the way in which the Batmobile is integrated into gameplay, with Batman able to launch himself high into the air from the driver's seat and start gliding, as well as controlling the vehicle remotely to bring it to his location.

batman gloves

Batman is shown rescuing one of the plant workers, who is forced to ride in what looks like an extremely claustrophobic passenger seat setup in the Batmobile before being delivered safely to the police. While the gameplay looks as entertaining as always, this trailer doesn't really sell the game quite as well as the previous one. Perhaps it's because the mission of stopping a bomb at a factory is just too generic or perhaps it's just the somewhat awkward editing, but this trailer just doesn't inspire much excitement.

Nonetheless, Batman: Arkham Knight definitely looks like it will be worth a purchase for fans of Rocksteady's two previous entries in the franchise. Or, if nothing else, for the sight of Batman trying to type with gloves on.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be released on June 2, 2015 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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