‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Features Non-Lethal Gun

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Batman Arkham Knight Features Non-Lethal Gun

It’s no secret that Batman utilizes the most high-tech gadgetry in order to help subdue and strike fear into the hearts of his foes with style and panache. Whether it’s remote-controlled batarangs, electricity-infused gloves, or freeze-bombs, the Lucius Fox helmed Research and Development Division of Wayne Tech keeps the Bat stocked to the teeth with the cutting edge in weapons technology.

Thankfully, Rocksteady Studios has paid close attention to Batman’s formidable, yet non-lethal arsenal throughout the course of its series of games centered around the Dark Knight. With the release of each sequel, Bruce Wayne’s armory expands to include a veritable army’s worth of munitions. Fortunately, the company’s last title in the franchise, Batman: Arkham Knight, is no different with its inclusion of an anti-tank Disruptor.

Since Batman is a no-kill kind of superhero, giving him an electronic rifle that disables guns is the kind of subversive fun we expect from Rocksteady Studios, given their flair for bringing Bob Kane’s brooding vigilante to life over the years. Just like in the game developer’s previous entries, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, the Disruptor gives Batman the ability to jam enemies’ firearms at a distance, leaving them open for a surprise once they pull the trigger. Plus, in an exciting extra feature, if players zap a thug’s gun twice it will explode in the bad guy’s hands, rendering him unconscious.

But, of course, the Dark Knight’s weapons wouldn’t fulfill his utilitarian ethos if they didn’t have multiple uses. In addition to the Disruptor Gun’s capacity for disarmament, the gadget can rig gun crates to shock enemies, and tag vehicles for Batmobile chases in the future. Also, with upgrades, it can sabotage the Arkham Knight’s tank turrets, by making them backfire when they try to attack.

Batman Arkham Knight Features Non-Lethal Gun

Clearly, the fresh additions to the Disruptor are great for Batman: Arkham Knight, and help make Batman more of a one man army than he already is, but the anti-gun isn’t even the coolest new attribute to be included. With gameplay that allows gamers to tail criminals in the Batmobile, as well as seamlessly transition to control Batman’s allies in a dual-play mode, the Disruptor is neat, but it’s only a small, yet integral function of the whole equation.

With a steady stream of jaw-dropping details to generate hype, Batman: Arkham Knight is obviously shaping up to be Rocksteady Studios’ magnum opus. Its story seems to be the game company’s grimmest, grittiest, and most grandiose yet, which is probably why it received an M rating. Not to mention, PC gamers who are eagerly anticipating its release will be treated to crisp renditions of Gotham City’s dark and stunning visuals, since the title’s specs are demanding, yet rewarding. Ultimately, any devotee of the Arkham franchise should do themselves a favor and have their own personal Alfreds reserve a copy before it launches.

Batman: Arkham Knight is slated for release on June 2, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.