After WB Games Montreal’s prequel story Batman: Arkham Origins received less impressive reviews compared to its predecessors, the pressure is on for Rocksteady Games to deliver a powerful final chapter to the studio’s superhero saga in Batman: Arkham Knight, the open-world title being released for PC and current-gen consoles.

Batman: Arkham Knight was officially announced earlier this month with a cinematic trailer that showed Bruce Wayne fighting crime and corruption in Gotham City in an effort to live up to his family’s legacy. Scarecrow has threatened to douse the entirety of Gotham City with his fear toxin, leading to an evacuation that once again takes all innocent civilians off the streets and leaves behind a city full of bad guys. It’s the perfect environment for some brutal brawls and serious destruction without risking collateral damage.

The game’s title seems especially appropriate in the light of new screenshots from Batman: Arkham Knight posted over at AGB. Decked out in a brand new Batsuit, Bruce himself looks like a knight in shining armor what with all the metal woven into his outfit; he’s not a far cry from looking part-mech.

Also featured in these screenshots are the family team of Commissioner Gordon and Barbara Gordon, operating from her watch tower as Oracle. The Batmobile – one of the biggest new introductions to the game series – also puts in an appearance, but there’s no further glimpses of the mysterious original character, the Arkham Knight.


Since this is the “final” installment in Rocksteady’s Batman game series (it’s conceivably that the studio could be tempted back to such a successful franchise), it’s fair to say that pretty much anything goes in terms of dramatic plot events. Perhaps this will be the fight that finally brings Gotham to its knees, or perhaps Batman himself will end up sacrificing himself.

No matter how things end in Batman: Arkham Knight, the chance to explore the city either by gliding or by crashing down the streets in the Batmobile is a pretty exciting prospect. Director Sefton Hill has promised a “rich, vibrant, dense open world” for players to explore, and with the old Rogues Gallery joining forces with a brand new villain it should hopefully prove to be a challenging ride.

Like what you’ve seen so far of Batman: Arkham Knight? Tell us in the comments what you’re hoping the game will include – or what you’re hoping will be left out – when it arrives on shelves this fall.

Batman: Arkham Knight is rumored to release on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on October 14, 2014.

Source: All Games Beta