Batman: Arkham Knight Batgirl DLC Collectibles Guide

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Batman: Arkham Knight has been out for almost a month now, and it’s definitely had its share of highs and lows. Mostly solid reviews for the latest concluding Arkham game were countered with a thoroughly broken PC edition, one which may not be fully fixed for another several months. Still, the console versions at least have proven to be a mostly worthy finale for Rocksteady’s epic Batman trilogy.

But like most AAA games these days, Arkham Knight isn’t done with gamers just because it has already hit shelves. Rocksteady will be unleashing DLC content for months to come, providing gamers an excuse to keep returning to Gotham even as we move into the busy fall release season. GameStop customers got exclusive DLC mission packs featuring both the Red Hood and Harley Quinn, and this week Batgirl joined the party with the prequel DLC entitled Batgirl: A Matter of Family. And, just as in the core game, there are not only thugs to punch and villainous schemes to defeat, but also collectibles to track down.

The video up top will help Arkham gamers do just that. YouTuber NukemDukem has put together a six-minute guide to tracking down every collectible to be found in the Batgirl DLC. As an added bonus, NukemDukem’s video guide covers the collectibles in the order gamers would come across them while playing the DLC mission, so there’s no need to backtrack later. This includes three different types of collectibles: Joker teeth, balloons, and jack-in-the-boxes. Joker teeth have been a part of the Arkham franchise from the beginning – alongside Riddler trophies, they were one of the collectibles included in Rocksteady’s original Batman: Arkham Asylum. Both the teeth and the balloons can be destroyed by a direct hit from a batarang. As for the jack-in-the-boxes, players need only walk up and interact with them using the action button.

Batman Arkham Knight Batgirl DLC Review

Of course, given that Batgirl: A Matter of Family is tiny in scale, requiring only around an hour to complete, backtracking really wouldn’t be that big a deal after all. That brevity is one of several critiques leveled against the Batgirl DLC, which is a real shame as the character is  a fan-favorite who many gamers were looking forward to getting to play for the first time in the series. Both the Red Hood and Harley packs were also criticized for their fleeting runtimes. Hopefully any further Arkham Knight story DLC will up the ante and provide something more than a bite-sized experience. For gamers who haven’t already sprung for the Arkham Knight season pass, it’s looking more and more skippable.

One fun item worth noting is that A Matter of Family contains an easter egg referencing another DC mainstay: the Justice League. After climbing through a particular hidden vent, Batgirl can discover the intergalactic menace Starro – essentially a giant, mind-controlling alien starfish – chilling out in a tank. It’s just one of several Arkham Knight easter eggs referencing either The League in particular, or the larger DC Universe in general, which some are taking as hints that Rocksteady might be working on a Superman or Justice League game now that they’ve given the Dark Knight his due.

Batman: Arkham Knight‘s Batgirl: A Matter of Family is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version has been indefinitely delayed.