'Batman Arkham Knight' Trailer Reveals Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin

Batman Arkham Knight Heroes


Batman Arkham Knight is planning to be the biggest entry yet into the popular franchise, bringing a bigger Gotham City and a fully drivable Batmobile to gamers this time around. With Rocksteady saying this is the last Arkham title in the series, fans have been eagerly anticipating new details on the long-delayed title.

Rocksteady has been teasing the masses this past week with a number of short clips centered around other characters, such as iconic Batman characters like Catwoman and Robin. The teases didn't offer any kind of story explanation for the appearance of the caped crusader's fellow heroes, but gamers will now be able to understand what's going on thanks to a brand new and spoiler heavy Batman Arkham Knight trailer.

While the last Batman Arkham Knight trailer focused heavily on the story elements surrounding Scarecrow, the footage in this brand new trailer instead gives fans a greater look at the combat and a slew of new and returning characters. The batmobile is again shown taking down aircraft and thugs alike, and gamers also see glimpses of the franchise's trademark freeflow combat and stealth combat mechanics in action.

The trailer is also pretty heavy on characters, detailing a number of new and returning characters like Catwoman, Robin, Oracle, and Nightwing. From the looks of things, the supporting cast will all have a greater role to play this time. On the villain side, Scarecrow and Two-Face are featured prominently as is the Arkham Knight character towards the end of the trailer. The mysterious Azrael is also highlighted in the footage, but his motivations and involvements aren't quite clear yet.

Batman Arkham Knight Heroes

While the trailer is light on exposition, it does feature a good amount of combat, even showing off Nightwing and Catwoman taking down thugs. While Nightwing was previously rumored due to the story location of Harley Quinn's prequel DLC, this is the first time the character is actually seen inside of the game. With Catwoman having her own playable campaign in Rocksteady's last batman title, Batman Arkham City, it's entirely possible that could happen again with more characters like Nightwing or Robin.

In a later segment of the trailer, fans not only get to see Batman and Robin fighting along side one another but there's a shot of Nightwing standing with the two of them as well. While fans no doubt assume this would confirm some sort of co-op mode, publisher Warner Bros has since confirmed that is unfortunately not the case. Though a similar feature like being able to switch between Batman and Catwoman was used in Arkham City, Arkham Knight instead utilizes a "dual-play" mechanic letting players switch seamlessly between heroes during free-flow combat. How the tag team ability functions however is not yet fully known.

Does the trailer hit all the right notes for you? Are you even more excited for the game now? Let us know below in the comments.

Batman: Arkham Knight is set to release on June 23, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Batman Arkham YouTube Channel

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