Since it released Batman: Arkham Knight two years ago in 2015, developer Rocksteady Studios has gone way under the radar. While most fans expected to hear news of its next upcoming game at this point, the studio and its publisher have remained silent. Speculation on the studios new game continues to swirl ranging from more DC Comics related heroes like Superman, to completely new projects such as a multiplayer only game. Even with so much uncertainty regarding what’s next, veteran Batman voice actor, Kevin Conroy, has shed some light by confirming that whatever it is, it won’t be a new Arkham game.

While speaking at a panel during the Wizard World event in Nashville, Tennessee, Kevin Conroy was asked by a fan if there were any plans for a new game in the popular Batman Arkham series. The veteran Batman voice actor provided a candid response to the question, confirming to the crowd that there were no additional games planned. Conroy expressed his own surprise at the news considering how popular the series has been and how much money has been generated from all the games in the series.

Interestingly enough, Conroy continually used the word ‘they’re’ in his response, indicating that they’re not planning to do another game and that they made billions of dollars. While fans don’t specifically know which entity¬†Conroy was referring to in his answer, it’s entirely possible that he was talking about Rocksteady Studios rather than its publisher and the video game IP holder, Warner Bros.¬†While the news may not be very surprising considering Rocksteady’s previous confirmation that it’s moving on to something new, his response doesn’t completely close the door on a new Batman title.

Batman: Arkham Origins, while not developed by Rocksteady Studios, was considered an official entry into the franchise. Serving as more of a prequel story rather than following the current Arkham storyline, the role of Batman was actually played by someone else rather than Kevin Conroy. WB Games Montreal opted to go with Roger Craig Smith for the titular role, who’s also known for his roles as Ezio Auditore, Chris Redfield, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Another ray of hope for Batman fans is the fact that WB has previously stated that it has no plans to end the franchise and that the series has near limitless possibilities.

Source: Matt Sifford Twitter