It’s long been said that patience is a virtue, and with the launch of next-gen consoles approaching, it’s never been truer. But for those gamers who were waiting for an opportunity to dump dozens of hours into a superhero simulator, the Batman: Arkham Collection announced by Warner Bros. has finally arrived.

For now the package is only dated for the United Kingdom, but will bundle Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and WB Games Montreal’s latest addition to the series, Batman: Arkham Origins into a single box. We doubt there has ever been a better gift idea for the Bat-fan gamer on your holiday shopping list.

To be more specific, the Arkham Collection will only actually include the game disc for Arkham Origins, along with download codes for both Asylum and City. Unfortunately, only the PC version of the bundle will include Game of the Year Editions of the first two chapters in the Arkham saga, while the PS3 version – like Origins itself – will grant access to the PS3 exclusive “Knightfall” Pack.

Bonus content aside, the collection is a no-brainer for what has quickly become one of Warner Bros.’ most reliable franchises; a franchise that has now grown beyond the talents of Rocksteady Studios. Although WB Games Montreal managed to offer a solid entry in the series (read our review), there’s no denying that Rocksteady remains the trailblazer for the foreseeable future (with any number of sequels currently being planned).

Batman Arkham Collection Box Art


So with holiday vacations and cold weather bringing any self-respecting gamer closer to their console or platform of choice, what better time to re-live the superbly cinematic Asylum, or strive to reach the 100% completion mark on Arkham City? Or for the most die-hard fans, play chronologically: beginning with Batman and Joker’s first meeting in Origins all the way through to their absolutely unforgettable showdown in City (read our review).

So far only a UK release date has been released, but fans should absolutely expect to see this bundle, or one like it, announced for other markets soon. What are the odds that you’ll pick up the trio in a single package? Has Origins gotten you reminiscent for a walk (or grapple-boost) down memory lane?


The Batman: Arkham Collection will be released in the UK November 22, 2013 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. International release and pricing have not been announced.

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