While Superman sits around in his Fortress of Solitude, The Dark Knight gets to hang out with the ladies and make it rain in his Fortress of Balla-tude thanks to the impending release of Batman: Arkham City.

Poor Superman, it does indeed appear that the Caped Crusader is going to have not just one, but two hits on his hands in the same console generation. Not to mention that he’s already had solid games like Batman: Vengeance last generation and The Adventures of Batman & Robin all the way back on the Super Nintendo. Each one of them filled with villains, armed to the bat-ears with gadgets and offering a great time for all who stepped into a virtual Gotham City. In fact, Batman is so confident that he’s got the action genre on lockdown that he’s getting into the FPS arena now, too!

Superman almost had a good game. Superman Returns had a lot going for it, until you got to the end boss… and it was a tornado. Seriously? I get that he doesn’t have the prestigious rogue’s gallery that Batman has, but come on, Superman fights the weather?! So Superman’s job can be done just as well by the low pressure system coming out of the northwest? And even though we’re not ones to kick a man when he’s down, we’re going to anyway by pointing out all the other superheroes who’ve had better games than the Big Blue Boy Scout. Spider-Man’s had his share. Captain America: Super Soldier just brought some very playable chops to the table. X-Men Origins: Wolverine showed us the nastiest side of Wolverine, pretty much ever. Cole from inFAMOUS is a completely new superhero, and he’s already had two more good games than Superman. It’s just embarrassing really. All those powers, but too bad making a decent video game wasn’t one of them.

You’ve got all of Monday to feel bad for Supes because on Tuesday you’ll be too busy dispatching the thugs of Batman: Arkham City to feel anything else.

Batman Arkham City Corrupted Saves Game Rant Webcomic Issue 056Comic by Zac Landry.