Rocksteady Studios is giving gamers a peak behind the Batman: Arkham City curtain and showing them voice actors Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill at work on the game. In the newest episode of their Inside Rocksteady video series, the developer discusses how each voice actor approaches the role, and how instrumental each is to delivering a successful Batman game.

In the video Kevin Conroy (whose been voicing Batman since before some gamers have been alive) and Mark Hamill (the one true voice of the Joker) discuss working on Batman: Arkham City. While both had previously voiced their respective characters in Arkham Asylum, they still continued to surprise Rocksteady Studios with new character dynamics and suggestions.

It might be a little odd to peek behind the curtain and see two men who look nothing like the characters they voice, but it helps build a respect for how difficult the job is. Along with seeing how the two actors play off each other, the video demonstrates just how familiar Conroy and Hamill have become with Batman and Joker. It’s been 20 years of voicing Batman for Kevin Conroy, and now he’s at a point where he knows what Batman would say, and which lines would ring false.

The idea and the reality of voice acting are two different things, especially when so much pressure is placed on a sequel like this. And then there’s the agony of delivering a line or a grunt over and over again until it sounds perfect. There might be some voice actors, like Nolan North, or have a little tougher gig, but the desire to make the end product fantastic is there for every actor.

Batman Joker Voice Actor Video

Having played Arkham City, and seeing the kind of performances that Rocksteady was able to get out of Conroy, Hamill, and all of the voice actors (like Castle‘s Stana Katic) is truly a feat to be applauded. There are a ton of clever DC Comics nods and fun mechanics to play around with, but it’s the story that takes the cake when it comes to these games.

Does seeing Kevin Conroy and then hearing him voice Batman completely change your perspective on the character? Can you ever imagine a Batman game that doesn’t feature these voices?

Source: YouTube