'Batman: Arkham City' Spike VGA Trailer Will Reveal New Villain [Updated]

Batman Arkham City Spike VGA Trailer New Villain

[Update: Watch the Batman: Arkham City trailer here to see the unveiling of Hugo Strange!]

Say what you want about the necessity of the Spike VGAs 2010, the fact is that the gaming industry as a whole is using the event to unveil some of the most anticipated games of next year. We've already taken an extensive look at the expected reveals, and now it seems that we can add one more to the pile.

We've been holding our breath for an in-depth look at the setting of Batman: Arkham City, and now it seems that the extensive two minute trailer that will be shown will also reveal something else: a first look at one of the villains in Arkham City who has yet to be seen anywhere else.

Let speculation begin immediately, because all of us here at Game Rant are way ahead of you. The development team at Rocksteady Studios has already shown us looks at Two-Face and Catwoman, and the first teaser trailer confirmed the return of The Joker and his mistress, Harley Quinn.

An entire trailer was even analyzed for every hint at a potential nemesis to Batman, but now it would seem that in all of the inspection, one villain has gone completely unnoticed.

The announcement came from gaming insider Geoff Keighley, revealing that not only will Rocksteady be showing off an extensive look at Arkham City, but that the graphics on display are sure to leave fans in shock. Have a look at his exclusive reveal for yourself:


It is completely possible that the trailer will leave fans in disbelief if the same graphics were glimpsed in the game's latest teaser. It had seemed that the cinematics released for The Old Republic and Dragon Age II's action trailer were as good as it got, but if the brief shot of Batman (seen above) is comparable to the entire Arkham City VGA trailer, then it may be an achievement in itself.

If this trailer is anywhere near as good as Keighley leads us to believe, then it will certainly go a long way to relieve fans who were let down when their hopes of piloting the Batmobile were recently crushed. The game is already set to improve upon the mechanics of Arkham Asylum, with a new take on the Riddler challenges and the promise of adapting traversal elements from Just Cause 2 to those of the Dark Knight.

It's entirely possible that the as-yet unseen villain will leaves fans underwhelmed, but at this point Rocksteady has delivered on nearly every promise made. So let us know what villains you would love to see in the comments- Azrael? Red Hood? Hush?

We'll all find out together when the extended look at Batman: Arkham City is unveiled at tonight's Spike VGAs 2010.

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