'Batman: Arkham City' Teaser Trailer Now, 'Deux Ex' Trailer on Friday

Batman: Arkham City - Teaser Trailer

"We thought we had him trapped, but he was waiting for us," is both a quote from the teaser, as well as the feeling you have after watching it. Just when a strong plot-centric trailer for the elusive Batman: Arkham City is expected,  it becomes evident that the Bat isn't quite ready to make a showing. Still, the trailer is better than nothing, right?

Check out Batman as he does what Batman is known to do:

Well, at least Batman looks in good health! He doesn't miss a step as he teaches a look-alike of Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell and his team of cronies just who is in control of the situation.

Some Ranters, myself included, were hoping for a little more telling view at Arkham City. Whether that include some of the villains to be features in the game, or just a wider look at the size of Gotham, what was shown and what was expected are incomparable. Good for MSN in securing an exclusive look at the game, but let's just say we won't be quite as excited for their reveal of a new Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer this Friday. Wait, what!?

"And come back to MSN Games on Friday at 4pm for our exclusive reveal of the brand-new trailer from Deus Ex: Human Revolution."

You win this round, MSN!

Certainly, these types of teaser trailers do help build hype for new releases, but is it fair to fans to lead them on in such a fashion? It's only fair that if gamers are willing to make an investment in your game, you reciprocate and and minimize the teasers, tricks and misinformation. Despite that, it's still a look at Batman: Arkham City, and Ranters will take what they can when it comes to a sequel to such a great game. Hopefully the VGAs will treat us a little more kindly.

What do you make of this Batman: Arkham City tease, Ranters? Are there any hidden details in there, yet to be discovered? Should we expect much from the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer on Friday?

Batman: Arkham City releases some time next year for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: MSN

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