'Batman: Arkham City' to Step Out of the Shadows at the VGAs

The Batman: Arkham City hype train just keeps on rolling. The next station down the tracks is the Spike TV Video Game Awards being held next month. The appearance of the game is being billed as the game's world premiere. Of course, we have already had one teaser trailer that debuted at the same event last year, but this will likely be the first full trailer for the game, as well as the first bit of footage under the official name of Arkham City.

The game is still about a year away, but that hasn’t stopped Rocksteady from working rabid Bat-fans into a frenzy. Everything from screenshots to character speculation has been running rampant across the Internet ever since Batman: Arkham Asylum was officially green-lit for a sequel. Which, incidentally, was about five minutes after the game’s release, when everyone realized that Rocksteady had knocked it out of the park.

Just like other pop-culture award shows with nominations and award categories bordering on the absurd (MTV, we’re looking at you), the Spike TV Video Game Awards have become little more than a place for celebrities to shill upcoming projects under the guise of “being hip with the kids and these game things.” However, the VGAs do have a plus side for gamers, as they have become an annual event for developers to unveil trailers and gameplay footage for highly anticipated games. It’s a pretty safe bet that most gamers are willing to overlook the Hollywood tom-foolery in order to get a glimpse of Rocksteady’s new adventure for The Dark Knight.

Are any Ranters going to be tuning in to this year’s VGAs just to have their gaming taste buds tickled with the premiere of Batman: Arkham City? Or is the awards show too painful for your eyes to bear? What do you hope to see from this ambiguous world premiere? Whatever happens, rest assured that Game Rant will have you covered whether you watch the show or not!

Batman: Arkham City is set for release late next year on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: CVG

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