We know that beggars can’t be choosers. And while Batman: Arkham City is looking to bring more comic book villains to life than any game that preceded it, that doesn’t mean that everyone will be happy. Rocksteady Studios may be doing everything they can to include both headlining and supporting cast-villains from Batman’s past, but serious comic book fans will be sure to have at least a few favorite characters left by the wayside. And we are most certainly included in that group.

Any comic book fan can rattle off more than a few characters that desperately need to be realized within a video game – heck, we’ve even got our own list. But it’s not easy to create a video game built around a preexisting character that fans won’t absolutely detest, let alone embrace.

But Rocksteady has already shown they can do just that. Batman: Arkham Asylum proved that not only could the studio perfectly grasp the tone and maturity of the Batman universe, but finally show players what it must feel like to wear the legendary cape and cowl.

Sequels tend to be bigger and better, and now that Rocksteady has earned the trust of the fan base, Arkham City is ready to give new interpretations on more characters than many would have dared to dream. While a newly-designed Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Deadshot, Joker, and even the Mad Hatter have been called up for this open-world adventure, that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own favorites.

So we’ve put together a collection of the villains that we would love to see make an appearance as an actual villain, not a mere fan-service cameo. Whether it’s our trust of the developers to do them justice, or a desire to see how they would re-envision them, or to tease a third installment in the Batman series we think you’ll agree that we’ve made the right choices.

7. Clayface

Batman Arkham City Clayface

More than half a dozen different men have claimed the title of ‘Clayface’ in the Batman universe, but that hasn’t hindered the villain from becoming more than iconic in several different comic and television series. While the various character histories are as different as the superpowers possessed by each, it’s the ability to shape-shift and become a part of the earth itself that intrigues us. Clayface appeared in Arkham Asylum as a trapped inmate, putting on several different guises before the player’s eyes. Clayface even transformed his body into that of Commissioner Jim Gordon, which should give an idea of how he could impact story if he were set free.

While game writers could come up with a multitude of plot twists and conspiracies given Clayface’s superpowers, it’s the gameplay itself that we’d like to see. Arkham City is going to be putting players up against plenty of formidable opponents, but a truly supernatural face-off doesn’t seem to be on the menu. We don’t know exactly how Batman would fight a man capable of disappearing into, and reconstituting himself out of the ground itself, but that’s a story that we would love to see Rocksteady tell.

Clayface has a history of rendering Batman’s usual strategies and gadgets useless, so posing the same challenge in a video game makes perfect sense. And considering the clay-creature’s habit of allying himself with fellow villains, the inclusion of a fully-fledged encounter with Clayface seems fairly possible after his brief appearance in Arkham Asylum.

When Pygs fly…

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