New 'Arkham City' Screens Show Patriotic Side of Batman's Villains

Arkham City - Gliding Above City

Whoever said that the characters from Rocksteady’s Batman universe couldn’t be humorous? As indicated by some new screens in promotion of this year’s Batman: Arkham City, both Hugo Strange and Two-Face don their political hats to stir some emotion out of the miscreants of Gotham.

The most intriguing of the screens, apart from the playful sides of the game’s major villains, is the look at Batman in full flight/glide. Compared to the skyline of Arkham Asylum, City looks to be providing a much denser world for players to stalk their prey in. While the asylum and various surrounding areas of Arkham were gorgeous to look at, they got a little bit old towards the end. If these screens are any indication, perhaps Rocksteady is working hard to fill the open world with a lot more “stuff” this time around.

There isn’t much to say about these creative screens beyond the two that give a look at some gameplay. It was already revealed early on in development that Harvey “Two-Face” Dent, a long rumored villain for Arkham City, would be making an appearance, and Hugo Strange, as part of a VGA trailer, was revealed to be perhaps the game’s central antagonist.

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Beyond a few trailers, both of which contained no actual game footage, Rocksteady has kept pretty mum in regards to the game as of late. With still plenty of time for the team to iron out any of the important details, and gamers having full faith that they can once again do the Dark Knight justice in video game form, anticipate that Rocksteady has all of their reveals intricately planned out.

All that is necessary, this time around, is for Rocksteady to simply deliver more of the same but on a grander scale, and they look be doing just that. The core of the game, while troublesome for some people, still remains, but the world of Arkham City is much more expansive and detailed. Hopefully with Arkham City, players will experience a general progression area to area rather than Batman being forced to backtrack through them as he re-encounters more enemies.

Needless to say, the game looks amazing and has the potential for being one of 2011’s top games. If the The Dark Knight film is any indication, Batman seems to make the biggest impact in his second iteration.

Would you rather have a more detailed, but smaller world in Arkham City or a larger one that isn’t as flashy? Who would elect for your political representative: Hugo Strange or Harvey Dent?

Batman: Arkham City releases in the Fall for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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