'Batman: Arkham City' Save Files Vanishing From Xbox 360

Batman Arkham City Save Files Vanishing Xbox 360

If there's one thing we hate, it's seeing a great game get bogged down with technical issues. After a launched somewhat hindered by nagging DLC issues, it looks like Batman: Arkham City has been hit with a brand new wave of troubling afflictions, specifically regarding corrupted save files. The specifics of the problem are still trying to be figured out, but those of you who have yet to finish Arkham City's campaign may be running the risk of finding your save files missing altogether.

The problem seems to be found exclusively among the Xbox 360, but whether or not these issues have anything to do with the game's Catwoman DLC, Nightwing DLC, or the update released on November 9 hasn't been confirmed. Rocksteady has yet to explain whether the issue is one they can assist with, so affected fans have taken to the game's forums in the meantime.

While previous issues with the game centered around missing manuals, blank DLC inserts and the like, the cause of this new issue is far more mysterious. Numerous players with campaign progression of various lengths simply fire up Arkham City, and find that their save files have been either corrupted, or missing entirely. With very few similarities between each case, it looks like we can only scratch our heads until the developers of the game figure out a solution, if there is one at all.

We'd hate to think that some players out there will need to start over their almost-completed campaigns, even if we did give the game a perfect review. Perfect or not, having your efforts completely erased without an explanation is never fun. It really is unfortunate that this game's launch was met with even a single issue, and we can't help but be nervous considering how much DLC is in the game's future.

While those of you who have been waiting for the PC release of Arkham City may have seen the delay as torture, perhaps by the time it launches all of the issues will be completely erased. Hey, there's no harm in looking on the bright side.

Have you run into any of these issues with Arkham City? Any issues that haven't been brought up yet? We'll keep you updated when and if this issue is clarified by the developers.

Batman: Arkham City is available now for the Xbox 360 and PS3, with a PC release coming November 22 for North America and November 25 for Europe.


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Source: ArkhamCity (via IGN)

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