Holy obvious introduction sentence, Batfans! That’s right, all of the Corrupt Knights out there that had money on this thing starting with a “Holy whatever” phrase, you’re welcome. And you can send my cut through PayPal. Anyway, ever since Rocksteady Studios announced the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum, a game praised by fans and critics alike, rumors began circulating almost instantly about whether or not Batman’s pixie-shoed sidekick would be making an appearance. It did seem like a possibility since Batman: Arkham City’s cast seemed to be growing as fast as the fans’ anticipation for the game. So when it was finally announced that Robin will indeed get to spend some time kicking thugs in the face on our consoles, I think it was safe to say that everyone’s Bat-tights got a little bit smaller.

However, it’s not all sunshine and puppy-dogs, at least not for Dick Grayson, whose unfair treatment continues to be an outrage. Simultaneously the most widely used and somehow, currently most forgettable Robin in the Batman franchise, Master Dick has been snubbed again. He must be so embarrassed, getting passed over for third-stringer Robin, Tim Drake. Perhaps his writers should have at least had the decency to give ┬áhim an epic death arc like the Jason Todd Robin. Nope, instead he gets to be Nightwing, a superhero with a comic no one wants to read, based in a town that sounds more like a crappy Swedish death metal album than a real city, Bludhaven.

Look at all he’s accomplished and helped others achieve. If it weren’t Dick, would Adam West have a cushy job on Family Guy? If it weren’t for Dick, would Chris O’Donnell be rubbing elbows with LL Cool J on NCIS:LA? Anyone that doesn’t think he should, nay deserves, to be in this game, clearly doesn’t know Dick.

Regardless of how you feel about Dick, fans will be treated to a Dick-less Batman: Arkham City on October 18th for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Batman Arkham City Game Rant Webcomic Issue 041

Comic by Zac Landry.