While plenty of the Batman: Arkham City community is still buzzing over the reveal of Nightwing as a playable character, Rocksteady has made good on their promise of showing off Robin prior to the game’s release. The new trailer gives a good look at just how unique Robin’s combat style will be against the criminal element of Arkham City.

Rocksteady made fairly grand promises, and the first Robin TV Spot left a lot to be desired for fact-starved fans. Luckily, this trailer certainly hasn’t disappointed. With Batman’s signature combat from the previous game being adopted for Arkham City, and the addition of Catwoman’s acrobatics, it was hard to think of another style that could compliment those already included.

But from this early look at Robin’s blend of the two, it seems that the developers have come up with a happy medium that plenty of players will enjoy. Whether spinning his staff to deflect attacks, or leaping skyward in somersaults that would put Olympians to shame, this new and improved Robin looks to be every bit as deadly as the Dark Knight.

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself in the newest GameStop trailer for the Robin DLC:

While it may be seen as acceptable for the mainstream to laugh at the idea of Robin actually being more intimidating than campy, Arkham City‘s version of the Boy Wonder certainly looks to change all that. The version of Tim Drake seen in the above trailer is definitely more mature than most will be used to, and is sure to get fans of the game begging for cooperative play. Unfortunately no amount of pleading will make Robin playable in anything other than Challenges, but players will have a few alternate skins to choose from.

While the trailer doesn’t get into the extensive ‘cage-fighter’ fiction that the developers at Rocksteady have cooked up for the new Robin, you can’t argue that the team looks good to deliver on their promise of making Robin cooler than usual. In fact, the sidekick’s use of weaponry and martial arts may just offer a richer arsenal of attacks than Batman himself.

We’ll reserve judgment until we get a look at Nightwing’s bone-crushing batons, because it’s clear from the recently revealed villains that Rocksteady still has plenty of surprises in store.

What’s your take on this Robin gameplay? Does he offer an alternative to Batman that you’re likely to try? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Batman: Arkham City will launch on Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 18, with a PC release on November 8.

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