Batman Arkham City Remaster Has Unlocked Frame Rate


In a comparison video of the PS4 and Xbox One's Batman: Return to Arkham's remaster of Batman: Arkham City, Digital Foundry discovers the game has an unlocked frame rate.

With Batman: Return to Arkham's release date having come and gone just last week, fans of the franchise are surely taking their time in noting how much effort developers have put into remastering the first two entries in the Arkham series. Speaking of keeping an eye out for quality visuals, the fine folks over at Digital Foundry recently ran some comparison tests for the remasters of Batman: Arkham City, pitting the PlayStation 4 version against the Xbox One, and found that the both of the console editions lack a frame-rate cap.

As seen in the video from Digital Foundry below, the analysis for the remaster of Batman: Arkham City reveals that both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions use dynamic resolution, but opt to keep the vertical axis at 1080p. That said, depending on what scene a player reaches in the game, the Arkham City remaster's resolution drops as low as 1600×1080 on PS4, and 1024×1080 on Xbox One.


Furthermore, when it comes to specifically addressing the frame rates for Batman: Arkham City's remaster on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — both copies of which have been updated to utilize Unreal Engine 4 — they vary widely from scene to scene, and across the different versions. While both iterations have frame rates that are unlocked, the PS4 gives fans higher frame rates across the board.

Unfortunately, Batman: Arkham City's remaster can have its frame rate drop to as low as 20 FPS during some portions of the game, while occasionally reaching 60 FPS on PlayStation 4, where the action of the title averages out to be around 30 to 35 frames-per-second. As far as the Xbox One version is concerned, frame rates are lower on the whole, but the Microsoft console does manage to match the PS4’s output in some cases.


These findings from Digital Foundry regarding the remaster of Batman: Arkham City's frame rates on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One might come as disappointing, and even surprising to some, especially after Return to Arkham's launch trailer included a solid-looking portion of graphics comparison between the updated titles and the originals. Nevertheless, it seems as if developers focused more so on enhancing textures, colors, and visual fidelity than ensuring the the games can maintain a steady frame rate.

Be that as it may, it's possible that Batman: Return to Arkham could eventually receive a patch to rectify the situation, but there's no telling as to whether or not such an update will occur. Taking all of this into account, while the frame rates for the Arkham City remaster are incredibly inconsistent, at least fans didn't have to endure situation similar to Arkham Knight's numerous issues found on PC at launch.

Batman: Return to Arkham is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Digital Foundry — YouTube

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