After much speculation and more surprises than many would have ever expected, it looks like the final character that players will be able to embody in Batman: Arkham City has been revealed. Fans of the comic books can breathe a sigh of relief, as the latest achievements for Arkham City have confirmed that Nightwing will be a playable character in the game’s Challenge Mode.

[Update: New screenshots of Nightwing have been leaked online. take a look here!]

Former Robin Dick Grayson is all grown up, and will join Catwoman and Tim Drake’s Robin as playable fighters in the extensive Challenge Mode of the upcoming game. It still seems that only Catwoman will be appearing in the main campaign, but having Robin and Nightwing together in the same game is likely enough to keep die-hard comic fans happy.

Rocksteady Studios had let it slip some time ago that Arkham City would have a fourth playable character, and there is no question that plenty of comic book fans took that as a sign that Dick Grayson may have a role in the game after all. Now thanks to a few achievements posted online, it looks like those suspicions have been confirmed.

The achievements in question were posted on, entitled ‘Nightwing Revenge’ and ‘Campaign Nightwing.’ The trophies bear the same name and challenge as those released for Robin, so all we need now is an official confirmation from Rocksteady.

Batman Arkham City Nightwing Achievements

Rocksteady had previously stated that there were no more character reveals coming before the game’s launch, but it’s hard to think that they had intended on keeping Nightwing a secret. Because while the developers may be making it their goal to make Robin ‘cool,’ Nightwing doesn’t need any help. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement and character models, but it’s a safe bet that Dick Grayson’s darker moniker will be right at home in Arkham City.

The inclusion of Nightwing doesn’t just put the doubts of comic fans to rest, but opens up a world of possibilities for the game’s future. If Nightwing uses his trademark batons, then the combination of acrobatics and weapons could offer a very different flow of combat. Where Robin’s in-game model seems based on Batman, with the addition of a metal staff, Nightwing’s won’t be so simple. Considering Grayson’s acrobatic style, it’s extremely likely that his combat will be similar to Catwoman’s, punctuated by his steel batons.

Hopefully Nightwing will be given the same selection of alternate skins as Tim Drake, but beggars can’t be choosers. While many will be disappointed to hear that Nightwing won’t have a role to play in Arkham City‘s campaign, there is every chance that both he and Robin could eventually star in their own episodic DLC. We won’t let our imagination get away from us, but sizable expansions following any of the playable characters seems like too good an opportunity to pass up.

Arkham City Nightwing comic

Now Batman fans have yet another reason to pick up Arkham City, if they needed any more. We’re still waiting for the Robin trailer we’ve been promised, and hope that a Nightwing trailer may be following not too far behind.

Nightwing has yet to be officially announced as DLC or a retailer-exclusive bonus, but we’ll update you whenever new information is released. What’s your initial reaction to Nightwing being included? Think Rocksteady may be laying the foundations of an entirely new franchise? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Batman: Arkham City will launch on Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 18. A PC release has beenĀ delayed into November.

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