Amidst what seems to be an unending stream of Batman: Arkham City news, details, and character reveals, it seems that Rocksteady still has at least one villain that remains a secret known only to the developers. But not for long, as fact-hungry fans have less than a week to wait before the shroud of secrecy is lifted, and Batman’s opposing force increases its rank by one. But how this fits into the overall story and previously rumored features is open for speculation, and we’ve got more than a few theories.

[Rocksteady has unveiled the newest villain, and some of you may be surprised with their choice. Check it out here!]

If there’s one superhero who is defined as much by his enemies as his own methods of crime-fighting, it has to be Batman. And with Arkham City, most if not all of the most beloved villains are on hand to appear. The Dark Knight is set to face off against the Riddler’s devious challenge rooms, take on the new alliance between Penguin and Solomon Grundy, and avoid being frozen to death by Mr. Freeze.

But the developers clearly still have a few more opponents to reveal. GameTrailers is now promoting their September 15 episode with Rocksteady by teasing not just more details on the gadgets of Arkham City, but the reveal of a brand new villain.

No more details are given, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any ideas on what member of Batman’s rogues gallery is likely to be announced. While most of the caped crusader’s foes have already shown up in either Arkham Asylum or promotional material for the sequel, there’s still plenty to choose from. Considering the earlier slip when the developers revealed a fourth playable character yet to be announced, an appearance by the Red Hood would offer yet another unique character with which to tackle the game’s Challenge Modes.

However, the presence of Jason Todd within the greater story of Arkham City may be too much plot for one game to handle, so a more classic villain is probably a better prediction. Sure, we’d all love to see a surprise appearance by Calendar Man or Bat-Mite, but given the tone and known story beats of Arkham City, those may not be the most likely either.

The new game’s story is one of a vast criminal conspiracy; several foes of Batman being forced together in a devious plan masterminded by Dr. Hugo Strange. Strange not only holds the position of Arkham Asylum’s new warden, but is also aware of Bruce Wayne’s secret alter ego. Whenever we hear ‘conspiracy’ and ‘Batman’ in the same sentence our minds immediately recall Hush, the bandaged surgeon who was once Bruce Wayne’s best childhood friend. And while we’d love to see Tommy Elliot whispering his sinister verse in Rocksteady’s newest title, we’re betting our money on another evil genius.

Batman Arkham City Ras Al Ghul

Yes, we’re going to count on Ra’s al Ghul himself being revealed as the next villain for Arkham City, and have more than one compelling reason. When ‘The Demon’s Head’ was found lying on a slab in Arkham’s morgue in the first game, then mysteriously disappeared, fans immediately predicted that we hadn’t seen the last of the master assassin. When his daughter Talia was confirmed to appear in the game, those suspicions gained plenty of steam.

The romantic history between Catwoman, Talia and Batman is complicated to say the least, and could run the risk of straying a little too far away from the standards set with Arkham Asylum. But if Ra’s al Ghul is a major villain, then the appearance of Talia makes much more sense. We may just be grasping at straws, but a version of Ra’s formed by Rocksteady is something we’d love to see become a reality.

What do you think of our theories? Do you have your own expectations or hopes on what villain will be revealed on September 15? Leave us your own thoughts in the comments.

Batman: Arkham City will be bringing a full cast of villains when it’s released on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 18, 2011.

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Source: GameTrailers