Any real Bat-fan knows that Gotham City’s masked crime-fighter owes much of his success in dominating the underworld to his vast arsenal of gadgets and tools. The varied selection of cutting-edge technology and inspired weaponry was part of what made Batman: Arkham Asylum such a perfect recreation of Batman’s signature style. With Batman: Arkham City, both ice and electricity will be used not just as weapons, but a means of bringing all new types of gameplay and puzzle-solving to the game’s campaign.

It would be easy to take a look at the rogues gallery on hand and think that the heart and soul of Arkham City will be combat. With supervillains like Mr. Freeze and the recently-announced Deadshot, fighting and outsmarting opponents on the battlefield will challenge players in plenty of new ways.

But in case you haven’t been keeping up to date with the benefits of Arkham City‘s open world, allow us to enlighten you. You see, aside from the incredibly complicated narrative pairing Batman with some of his most famous enemies, Arkham City boasts more than a few Challenges for those who love a good puzzle even more than a good brawl. But thanks to newly revealed details, it seems that both electricity and the power of Mr. Freeze’s research will not only be giving Batman new methods of puzzle-solving throughout the campaign, but introducing some seriously inspired gameplay.

The new information comes courtesy of GT.TV, who got more than a small look at the new changes in their latest time with Rocksteady Studios. Batman’s newest gadget is called the ‘Remote Electrical Charge,’ which appears to be some sort of projected tazer device. But putting enemies into a comatose state isn’t how the gadget will be used, as it is capable of bringing machinery to life, and even generating electromagnetic fields.

The gameplay footage accompanying the announcement showed Batman using the Charge to bring an elevator back to running order, and the electromagnetic field pulling objects from all around the room together. The device will be just one new way that Batman will be able to solve various puzzles, and you can count on it being utilized in a few of Arkham City’s side challenges.

Batman Arkham City Gadgets

The presence of Mr. Freeze will also be making a few gadgets possible, starting with the ‘Freeze Blast.’ Functioning as somewhat of an ice bomb, turning stolen technology from Batman’s ice cold nemesis against all criminals of Arkham’s underworld. Encasing enemies in ice is just the start though, as Batman can also use the Blast to form a solid block of ice within a body of water. The gameplay showed off some new physics based gameplay in which Batman formed a piece of ice, jumped aboard, grappled onto a large statue, and pulled his way across the surface of the water.

Both of these gadgets seem to bring an unlimited amount of gameplay and puzzles to an already jam-packed game, so we look forward to seeing just how much more Rocksteady has in store. With electric puzzle-solving and frozen water-skiing, it seems anything is possible.

What new gadgets would you like to see announced for Arkham City? Can you already think of some new ways that these gadgets will be applied to the game’s various modes?

Batman: Arkham City will be bringing puzzles and punches to the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 18, 2011.

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Source: GT.TV