The list of villains in coming in Batman: Arkham City is nearly as long as the list of preorder DLC that has been announced for the game. Just recently, much attention has been showered upon Deadshot due to his exclusive reveal last week. Mr. Freeze was also granted some time in the limelight where it was revealed that ice gadgets would be part of Batman’s arsenal this time around.

Hell, Scarecrow is even making headlines and rumor has it that he isn’t even in the game. In the midst of all this hullabaloo, people seem to have blissfully forgotten about the Joker. But that’s OK, because he hasn’t forgotten about Batman, and now some bits of information from a new Batman: Arkham City trailer titled ‘Secrets of the Joker’ is letting slip some dialogue that underscores how desperate and tense the situation will be in Arkham City when players dive into the game next month.

The trailer features a lot of well-cut action bits over which a conversation between Batman and Joker is played. Indeed the fight between the sledgehammer-welding thug and Batman in the video is pretty sick, but the central focus isn’t the action, instead favoring the conversation. The rather one-sided discourse from Joker has perhaps some of the most spine tingling dialogue that Mark Hamill has ever uttered while voicing Batman’s greatest nemesis.

“I hope you’re doing your best here, Bats. Because I’ve just had a horrible thought. We could both actually die here tonight.”

Watching the trailer again and again, that bit still gives me chills. Some additional choice words from Joker also hint that he’s been planning something all along which is perhaps in relation to his sickness (or the lack thereof…). At any rate, I shant spoil another second of it. Although our own Andrew Dyce has taken the time to dissect the hints of a Talia al Ghul romance.

After seeing and playing the demos at E3, X’11 and other events, we’ve seen a large amount of gameplay from Rocksteady but if the game is approximately 40 hours total, as Rocksteady’s estimate states, then we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Batman: Arkham City hits store shelves October 18th for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.