Rocksteady Studios has been doing a phenomenal job in building hype for the upcoming Batman: Arkham City, and gamers and Batfans alike are eagerly and equally building anticipation for the title.

Of course, there are a few story arcs that have been hinted at that seem more appealing than others for the Arkham Asylum sequel, and the relationship between Doctor Hugo Strange and the Joker is one of them. As luck would have it, some new spoilers between the nature of the Strange-Joker relationship have been brought to light, courtesy of another viral Batman: Arkham City audio tape.

Got Game managed to get their hands on the audio tape earlier today, which features the voice of Hugo Strange as he talks to the infamous Joker. The audio clip doesn’t reveal too much in terms of specific story details, but it does reiterate that Joker doesn’t have “much time left” due to his mysterious illness. Hugo promises to make the Joker’s days more comfortable, along with other unnamed things, if he allows the unkind doctor to study him. The tape then ends, making it seem like some kind of deal has been reached.

You can derive your own hypothesis about the Batman: Arkham City audio clip by listening to it below:


Various viral audio tapes from Arkham City have been surfacing online as of late, and all of them feature well-known characters from the Batman universe. In each case the characters exchange dialogue with Hugo Strange, hinting that the villains are in cahoots with the doctor.┬áIt’s certainly an interesting bit of viral marketing and one that will help stir up some excitement amongst fans of The Batman.

The question that the latest audio tape has left plaguing everyone is what Hugo could possibly mean by promising Joker that he would have “more, much more” in exchange for the chance to study him? Another question that is brought forth by the audio tape is whether or not Joker is actually going to die in Batman Arkham City?! Damn you, Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady, your mind games have worked, and now we’re all left waiting until the game’s release for our questions to be answered!

Batman: Arkham City will be swooping into retailers on October 18th.

What deal do you believe Joker and Strange have reached? Did the audio tape work its viral marketing magic on you?

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Source: Got Game