Interview With Arkham City Music Director Sheds Light on Themes for the Series

Batman Arkham Asylum

If there is one element of a game’s design that goes wholly unnoticed by the majority of gamers, but is absolutely essential it is the music. Every game has it but those who can create a mood or tone so expertly with it are games that are able to stand out above the rest.

Arkham Asylum is a prime example of a game where the music took the experience to the next level reinforcing the dark ominous corridors Batman was traversing. With Batman: Arkham City set for release next year, Game Informer was able to sit down with audio director Nick Arundel as he breaks down the score for the Arkham City trailer as well as pointing out certain musical themes that the team has carried over from Arkham Asylum.

Game Informer is exclusively hosting their interview, so make sure to check it out on their website.

For the most part all of Nick and his team’s work went unnoticed for this trailer as gamers’ thoughts were focused more on trying to soak up every juicy morsel relating to what villains might be in the Rocksteady sequel. Hearing about Nick’s process and what elements of the previous game’s music he chose to include in order to slip players tiny hints as to what game the trailer was for is very fascinating to me. The stellar music of Arkham Asylum was one more detail that if you paid close attention to you might have been able to further enrich your experience.

Arkham City sees Batman trading the halls of Arkham Asylum for the streets of Gotham city, where he must do battle against a new set of enemies. Until they are either confirmed or denied rumors are sure to permeate the game news world, as anticipation for this game is higher than for most. Now that you are aware of the work that goes into composing for a game hopefully gamers will take a little time, turn that dial to eleven, and revel in the symphonic stylings of Nick and his team’s work.

Tell us Ranters, were you a big fan of Arkham Asylum’s music or does watching this interview open your eyes to all that you have been missing out on?

Batman: Arkham City is set for a Fall 2011 release on the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Source: Game Informer

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