'Batman Arkham City' Everything You Need To Know (Guide)

The release of Batman: Arkham City is almost at hand, and many loyal Batman fans will likely be lining up to get their very own copy at the stroke of midnight. While plenty of those die-hards may have spent the past few weeks pouring over every single Arkham City detail that they could get their hands on – some may have missed vital pieces of info.

So in advance of the launch at 12:00 AM, October 17, we’ve rounded up all the pertinent information that should be reviewed before picking up your own copy.

With a sequel that is already receiving plenty of buzz (our review is on the way), and the original Arkham Asylum a commercial and critical success, we don’t need to spend any time convincing you that Arkham City is worth a look. If all things go according to Rocksteady’s plans, then the studio will have yet another blockbuster title to add to their resumé.

The game certainly looks to depart from the original in a few meaningful ways, so if you haven’t been keeping up to the minute on the comings and goings of the Dark Knight – from game modes to villains, new combat to unlockable characters – we’ve got you covered.


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Batman Arkham City Hero Characters



Batman Arkham City Villains


Game Modes/ Gameplay:

There is more than enough gameplay details and story hints to keep even the most loyal Bat-fan busy until the actual games hit retail shelves, and there will certainly be more than a few of us here at Game Rant doing just that.

So what part of Arkham City are you most looking forward to? Will you be marathon-ing your way through the game’s campaign, or spending hours honing your combat and detective skills in the title’s vast Challenge Modes? Let us know your plans in the comments.

Batman: Arkham City will be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 18. A PC release will be coming on November 8.

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