Batman Arkham City Gameplay Video

Suffice it to say, Batman: Arkham City is easily one of the most anticipated games of this year. This is only compounded by the revelations that Catwoman will be a playable character, and that Robin will be available via pre-order. But maybe that’s not enough for you. Maybe you want something a bit more concrete. Maybe you need to actually see the game in action before you decide whether or not you want to play it.

Well, you’re about to get your chance, as a 10-minute Batman: Arkham city gameplay video is now available for your viewing pleasure.

The video further details what we’ve already seen as the first section of the game. It starts with Catwoman stealing from Two-Face following her beating up his minions, only for Two-Face himself to capture her. The video then skips ahead a day to show Batman tracking him down to the local courthouse, where he rescues Catwoman from being dropped in a vat of acid and captures Two-Face.

Have a look for yourself at just what Batman: Arkham City has to offer.

[bitsontherun Nfc89ygT]

From a gameplay standpoint, it’s nice to know the key mechanics haven’t changed much since Arkham Asylum. The fighting is still the same, the stealth aspects are still intact, and traveling through the city is as easy as ever. I do like the change to the gliding with being able to ascend and descend, which means you can pretty much fly through the city. The addition of the informants is interesting, and could add an extra level of challenge for those trying to get 100% completion, in the sense that you’d be trying to not accidentally knock them out.

What was particularly interesting, though, was the topic of the conversation Batman and Catwoman had at the end. You may have noticed that both Batman and Catwoman mentioned a subject, but it sounded like they were speaking backwards or gibberish or something. It looks as though the subject’s true identity was edited out for this video, in order to prevent spoilers from getting out. Pretty clever on their part.

What do you think of the changes in gameplay? Is this enough to convince you to buy this game?

Batman: Arkham City arrives October 18, 2011, for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.