'Batman: Arkham City' is Complete, the Riddler Awaits with New Secret Locations

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Batman: Arkham Asylum came out of nowhere and surprised gamers everywhere with its great combat, setting, and just a general appreciation of the Batman universe. When the sequel, Batman: Arkham City, was revealed at the Spike TV Video Game Awards many wondered what would change and be improved with the sequel. Can Rocksteady show the same level of quality a second time after raising the bar so high with the first game? While the answer to that is still unknown, they will certainly will have the time and opportunity because Arkham City is currently finished.

Speaking on an Official PlayStation Magazine UK Podcast, Deputy Editor Leon Hurley, mentioned that Batman: Arkham City is playable from start to finish:

"Its not out until late next year but they are already saying it is basically finished as a playable form. They can go through from start to finish, so they basically just got a year to make it really good."

Also during the podcast Hurley mentioned that Batman has a "Boost Grapple" which can launch Batman into the air similar to the mechanic in this year's Just Cause 2. It was also reported that the game is already looking great with rain effects and papers blowing around the city creating the Escape From New York/Tim Burton's Batman mood Rocksteady is going for.

As information of this game comes pouring out, another few new details were also revealed by the game's director, Sefton Hill, to PSM3 magazine. Hill gave some details on how the Riddler challenges would be implemented into the game:

"As with nearly every area of the game we're enhancing it. One example is the criminal database coupled with the new interrogation mechanic. The Riddler continues to taunt the Dark Knight with mind-bending puzzles and exploration challenges, but the location of his biggest secrets are known only to him and people he's told. Rather than unlocking their locations using maps, Batman will be able to scan a gang of thugs to find a potential informant. This is the guy you need to question, but first you'll have to take down all the other gang members while sparing the one you want. That can be tough when Batman's in a seamless FreeFlow combo chain."

With a larger area to explore, possible vehicles, and multiplayer, I welcome the fact that Rocksteady and Warner Bros. are taking a year to finalize and polish everything. In that amount of time the game, which is reported to be five-times the size of Arkham Asylum, will hopefully show the same level of detail and polish as its predecessor. I welcome the additions that Rocksteady is making to the series and just hope that this game can live up to the hype the game currently has and will receive closer to release.

So Ranters, what are your thoughts on these details? Do you want Rocksteady to take a year to polish or do you want the game as soon as possible? What are your thoughts on the new Riddler challenges?

Batman: Arkham City is set for release late next year on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Sources: OPM UK Podcast #14via iTunes, CVG

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