Batman: Arkham City DLC Codes Causing Issues

Batman Arkham City DLC problems

DLC is getting outrageous. Nay, it already is outrageous. Now with many triple-A releases, players cannot even access the content on the discs they buy without paying extra, without agreeing to buy a "season's pass" of DLC or worse, and online pass to get all of the game. This is the case with Batman: Arkham City which does not let players play the Catwoman campaign content unless they input an online 'VIP' pass code.

This does several things. It guarantees more money for the publisher, Warner Bros. Interactive, and it also hinders the user experience. What happens when there are issues with the DLC codes and they do not work? Hell, what happens if the DLC codes don't even ship with new games as planned? This is exactly what is happening with Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham City.

The forums and internet community is heating up as more and more users who pre-ordered the title or picked up the Collector's and standard editions of Batman: Arkham City report errors with their DLC codes and in some cases, no code at all with a blank printed sheet included in their copy. There are even some reporting getting two of one code, but not of the other they should have gotten.

It reminds us of when Ubisoft forced DRM on PC gamers to be always online - what happens when the servers crash? People, the letitimate good buyers, get screwed over and that's what's happening to some people right now.

Batman Arkham City DLC Code Error

We have no idea as to what extent these errors and missing codes reach, but Warner Bros. Interactive is aware and looking into it, as evidenced by this tweet from last night.

"We are aware that some people did not receive the Catwoman code in their game. You will get to play as the sexy thief, stay tuned for update."

Maybe they'll just give it to everyone? Has this happened to you? No one on the Game Rant staff has had this issue, thankfully.

My solution, but it's a bit out there: People pay for the game and get all of its launch content.


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