'Batman: Arkham City' DLC Bundles Announced & Priced

Batman Arkham City DLC Bundles

At this point most people who had intended to see what all the Batman: Arkham City buzz was about have likely played through most, if not all of the game. But for those who failed to pre-order at specific retailers, the multitude of extra content offered with the game has been out of reach - or overpriced. Now Rocksteady has unveiled their holiday bundles, combining Arkham City's bonus characters, suits and Challenge maps into a package available for one low price. There's nothing like a well-stocked wardrobe to make a trip into the Batcave even sweeter.

Bundling content isn't quite as charitable as the free Batman Inc. suit and costume cheat code announced earlier today, but certainly makes those who waited for the DLC to drop in price feel validated. While it's nice to see Rocksteady finally allowing players to dress their Batman as they like right from the get-go, the rest of the bundled DLC will only be relevant to those who enjoy the game's extra modes.

The most attractive of the announced deals has to be The Arkham Bundle, which includes Nightwing in both costumes, the Robin DLC and alternate skins, and the previously-detailed Arkham City Skins Pack. The two bonus fighters, vast selection of batsuits and additional Challenge Maps are now available for just 1,200 MS Points on xbox Live, or $14.99 through both PSN and Games For Windows Marketplace.

If Batman is all the fighter you need, then the Challenge Map Pack might be all that's required to make your experience with the game complete. Included in this package is the Joker's Carnival Challenge Map, Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map, and the chance to visit the one and only Batcave in a brand new invisible predator Map.

Arkham City Challenge Map Pack Batcave

The collection of Challenge Maps comes in at a much lower price than the duo of former Robins, just 240 MS Points, or $2.99. When combined, the two bundles provide a brand new batch of undeniably cool costumes for Bat-fans, and several new areas to see them in action. If someone on your holiday shopping list has fallen victim to Arkham City's allure it's hard to think of a better gift idea, so extra points for cleverness and timing to Rocksteady.

There will inevitably be some who balk at the thought of any of this content being sold for an additional price, but taking a look at Robin or Nightwing's unique fighting style shows that plenty of time and energy went into their creation. If your morals won't allow you to fund this marketing strategy though, the option of avoiding it at all costs is always your right.

Both bundles are available starting today, as is the completely free Batsuit. Will these offers be enough to draw you back into Arkham City, or would you like to have seen them offered at an even lower price?

Batman: Arkham City is available now for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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