Following hot on the heels of an image of Batman: Arkham City’s version of The Penguin hitting the internet, new details about the game itself have found their way out to the world. The newly uncovered details cover things like having Batman use a patrol helicopter to help travel around the environment, details about The Penguin character himself, and even some information about Crime Alley. Readers that want to know nothing more about Batman: Arkham City should probably stop reading now but everyone else will want to keep reading for all the details.

Batman will be able to use helicopters patrolling over Arkham City for a free lift over the environment, and it would seem like using a helicopter in this manner could help Batman travel far distances in a relatively short amount of time. It should also allow Batman to get the jump on some unsuspecting villains and thugs.

Dropping down on enemies from a gargoyle was fun, but dropping down from a helicopter would be amazing. Maybe it was the inclusion of these in-game helicopters that helped make keeping the Batmobile out of the game an easier decision for developer Rocksteady Studios. They knew the environment was going to be big, but also knew they did not want to make Arkham City a driving game. Helicopters seem like an elegant solution.

It also looks like the more realistic take on the Penguin character does not stop with his physical appearance. Word is the character has no bird-like mannerisms and speaks with a cockney accent. While this take on the character is nothing new, it is nice to see Rocksteady taking this approach versus some of the other representations the character has seen over the years in various comics, TV, and film appearances.

The developers of Batman: Arkham City know how to please fans, however, and certainly aren’t looking to throw out all the lore and storied past found in Batman’s backstory. One example serving as a treat for fans of the character is the inclusion of Crime Alley.

Batman fans know that in most versions of the Batman origin story Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed right in front of him in Crime Alley. The inclusion of the area is what makes the larger Arkham City landscape so exciting. Sure, Arkham Asylum was a great location for the first game, but a larger environment allows the game to feature even more Easter eggs and treats for fans.

Does this new information get you more excited about Batman: Arkham City? Do you like the idea of using helicopters to travel around the landscape or do you wish they included the Batmobile? What other cool locations do you hope are included in the game? Let us know your thoughts in comments below.

Batman: Arkham City will be coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3 October 18.

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