When a big game has big hype propelling it, fans are hungry for all the confirmed details and rumors they can get their hands on. With the release of Batman: Arkham City getting closer by the day, a recent flood of information has left many online with nagging questions and needed clarifications. Now we can put to rest a few persistent rumors thanks to Rocksteady‘s Community Manager, but it seems that several fan questions will have to remain unanswered until Arkham City is released.

After keeping relatively quiet for the past year, we’ve gotten a serious chunk of Arkham City announcements to show just how much larger a game this will be than Arkham Asylum. From the reveal of the Penguin to confirmation of a playable Catwoman, fact-starved fans must be grinning from ear to ear.

But with that many announcements comes the inevitable barrage of questions from the fan community, as the to the exact nature of some of the content previewed. Luckily, Rocksteady’s own Community Manager Sarah May recently took to the online forums to answer the most nagging questions fans have. At least, the ones she’s allowed to discuss.

Have a look at May’s responses below:

Re: Announcement Q&A

Will all skins later be released as DLC or will they remain exclusive to the pre-order retailers?
They will be available at a later date yes

How will we fight grundy?Is he the next trailer?
We really aren’t confirming anything more about your interaction with him before the game is released.

Skins: Will each skin come with there own unique moves, like combat combos and silent takedowns etc.?
They won’t no.

Is the collectors edition final?(as in the contents that are contained)
It is yes.

Is Comic-Con the last major event in the states where Arkham City will be exhibited?
It’s not no, but that’s all I can say!

Can Rocksteady officially say who is voicing Catwoman in Arkham City yet?
Not yet.

Will Mr Cobblepot(wow it sounds strange to use his “real” name) wear his Top hat in the game?
Our version of Penguin is much more of a disgusting mob boss with delusions of Grandeur and will not be donning the iconic top hat in game (impractical )

Will Penguin be involved in the turf war?
Penguin certainly has a very strong presence in Arkham City as the city was built around him when he refused to move, as such he has a real stake in the city and will fight to keep his share.

Is Grundy working for the penguin against his will?
We have confirmed that they are in a partnership.

Have you guys officially announced Stereoscopic 3D gameplay for Arkham City on PS3? I know people (including myself) have been wondering that since the updated cover art at SDCC.

We’ve not confirmed or announced anything regarding 3D

Sorry to all you top hat fans, but it looks like Penguin’s new character design won’t be sporting any formal evening wear this time around. But his new place within the fiction of Arkham City is definitely a welcome tidbit. And while we know that Talia al Ghul will be voiced by Stana Katic, we’ll need to stay tuned until the developers reveal the actress supplying Catwoman’s quips.

May also revealed that the development team had “confirmed that TDKR skin will be playable in campaign, that is all.” Whether that means that the ‘Dark Knight Returns’ will be the only one of the various pre-order skins that can actually be applied to the main story’s Batman, or the only one that they’re willing to confirm isn’t clear.

Whatever the case, it’s good to know that some of these doubts can be put to rest for the time being. Of course, there’s no question that May’s statements have raised just as many suspicions in the hardcore fans as they have calmed. Are you happy to hear that all the costumes will be available as later DLC, or will hearing that they can’t be used in the campaign defeat the purpose?

Batman: Arkham City will obviously have a few surprises in store when it’s released for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on October 18, 2011.

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