One of the things that Batman: Arkham City does different than its predecessor, Batman: Arkham Asylum, is include a number of different characters that you can play as besides the Dark Knight himself. Granted, the PS3 version of Arkham Asylum allowed you to play as The Joker for his own set of challenge maps, but Arkham City goes beyond that by giving players a total of four characters to play as (if you pay for them all). Each of those characters will also be getting a set of alternate skins to use while playing, including the other key figure for the game’s main plot, Catwoman.

We first learned of Catwoman getting her own set of different costumes a few days ago, though we’re still in the dark in regards to whether or not these will be in-game content or paid DLC.

Regardless, fans should enjoy the opportunity to look back at the different versions of the character, much like you’ll be able to with Batman, Robin and Nightwing. The first couple of skins for Catwoman have managed to find their way to the internet, so fans can have a peek at what the alternate versions of her look like in Arkham City.

First Two Catwoman Skins

We don’t know if these will be the only two skins available for Catwoman, but it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to give the others so many and only give Catwoman two. Then again, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to suddenly need a VIP pass to play as Catwoman, but there you go. The costumes are based off of Catwoman from the Batman graphic novel ‘The Long Halloween,’ and the ’90s Batman animated series, respectively, and they both look very accurate. Hopefully the other skins that appear for the character are just as well-designed and detailed as these two.

The question is, what would the other skins be based on? We suggested that one of them would be Michelle Pfeiffer’s costume from the movie Batman Returns, which would be the most realistic version of the costume yet. However, if there was going to be one from the movies, it would more likely be the one that will appear in the upcoming movie The Dark Knight Rises.

Which costumes do you want Catwoman to wear?

Batman: Arkham City is almost here, as it will release on October 18 for the Xbox 360 and PS3, with a PC release date coming in November. No word yet on either the Wii U or OnLive versions.

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