'Batman: Arkham City' Catwoman Alternate Skins Revealed

Batman Arkham City Catwoman Alternate Skins

If we know one thing about Gotham socialite Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman) it's that she appreciates a good wardrobe. Now it seems that those same desires will be having an effect on her crimefighting alter ego as well, as news of alternate Catwoman skins in Batman: Arkham City has recently snuck its way online. Only one additional costume has been confirmed thus far, but considering the extensive appearance packs of other characters, this may just be the beginning.

While Batman may be hogging most of the Arkham City headlines - it is his story after all - we can't overlook the fact that Catwoman will represent a sizable portion of the actual gameplay. But considering the recent flood of news surrounding Batman's inner circle, with the reveal of Robin gameplay, and the confirmation of Nightwing DLC, many of you may have forgotten what all this could mean for Gotham's feline felon.

Now it seems that Catwoman is in for at least one other alternate skin, but exactly how it will be unlocked or purchased is unclear. The leak comes courtesy of gaming mag GamesMaster, who commented in their review of Arkham City that the portion of the game dedicated to Catwoman in particular shines. The reviewer recommends that players “Unlock her Long Halloween costume ASAP,” and since then a post on NeoGAF has implied that a Batman: The Animated Series skin for the character is also present in the game.

This is the first word we've had of any extra skins for Catwoman, although we do know that she has a DLC package in the works. It seems that there is already a pattern emerging, with All playable characters now awarded a version of themselves pulled from the animated series, and a costume from one of Batman's most legendary story arcs.

If Catwoman is going to be getting her purple, whiskered costume from 'The Long Halloween' and animated bodysuit available in Arkham City, we'd like to make a few recommendations as well. The design that Rocksteady has gone with strongly resembles artist Will Pfeiffer's take (which was a fantastic choice) but there's nothing wrong with giving players a bit more choice:

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There's no reason why the two costumes limited to Arkham City should be so similar, since the character herself has undergone more than a few re-imaginings. We would love to see a version based on Michelle Pfeiffer's portrayal in Batman Returns, since it remains the best real-life interpretation of the character. Jim Lee has left his mark on Gotham City and Selina Kyle by portraying her with a bit more class, and his design of a 'little less leather, little more business' is one that would be right at home in the reality of Arkham City. Lest we forget, it was good enough for DC Universe Online.

At this point the 'Long Halloween' costume isn't official, but we expect an announcement soon. The animated costume is even less certain, but when we find out which are true, and whether they'll be unlockable or available as DLC we'll let you know.

Batman: Arkham City will be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 18, and the PC on November 8.

And in case you Bat-fans haven't seen it already, be sure to check out our Top 7 Villains We Want To See in 'Batman: Arkham City.'


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